Saturday, 24 June 2017

Chaos becomes the norm

CHAOS is a Greek word that is often misused; its meaning has been twisted to mean possibly, a vast chasm or void, or anarchy and even the science of unpredictability.
It is my belief that out of the mayhem of chaos great change possibility arises.
Unpredictability as a science is fascinating in itself; the unpredictability of the weather these days is most certainly a science in itself. The deniers of climate change really are arguing against the science of predictability in regard to weather patterns and events but most importantly they argue against the causes of climate change and most strangely they suggest that man-made behaviours play no part in the ever growing evidence of chaos that the world is now experiencing in regard to weather events.
Reports from all around the world tell us that climate change events are growing in number and that there damaging effect is expanding at a rapid rate.
Naturally chaos has as its creation a bed of many factors and high on the list is the human behaviour factor, and natural human behaviour is to blame others for the state of chaos that surrounds various aspects of human life.
Yet great changes of a worthwhile nature arise because of the chaos created by man-made behaviour. For example out of the chaos of war have come great inventions to rescue mankind from the self-destruction that war creates.
Being a soldier and seeing the destruction that war entails often leads to a change of heart and to a pathway toward peace in the longer term. Of course it can also lead to the creation of murderous dictatorships i.e.; Syria and even the United States that preaches peace but conducts war on a massive scale in the Middle East and elsewhere.
This behaviour of chaos construction, by stating one thing but doing another has been used for hundreds of years, Britain for example preached peace while practicing divide and rule policies over and over again in India and around the world, and I might add here in New Zealand.
Another example is the chaos that exists in the UK political scene; many simply cannot understand why the youth of the UK have turned to a seventy year old Corbyn to be their hero…they fail to understand that it is because of what he says…and not who he is. What he preaches is socialism and this offers the young something different to the neoliberalism that they have experienced up to this point.

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