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Wheelers Corner 05 4th Febuary 2018

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 05 4th February 2018
  1. A message from Mike and Carol Dee, two people brave enough to sign their name. Unlike the supporters of Hobson’s Pledge who hide behind anonymous texts etc.

Open letter- to whom it may concern:
[We don’t know who you are, as the enclosed form was sent anonymously]

We are happy to accept the decision by elected Councillors to create a Maori Ward. Our Councillors were elected to make important decisions on the community’s behalf. This proposed poll seeks to undermine that democratic process.

“….because politicians are elected to lead, not follow.”
Attributed to UK PM Harold Wilson when asked why his government had abolished capital punishment against a polled majority wanting to retain it.

Democracy is not just rule by the will of the majority. It is also concerned with protecting the rights of minorities – against the will of the majority, if necessary.

New Zealand women, living in a parliamentary democracy, gained the vote in 1893. Swiss women, living in a system of rule by referendum, had to wait until 1972.

So much for rule by referendum

Yours faithfully
 Mike & Carol Dee

Another message I received said the following:
 Hi Peter
Don Esslemont went into the Plaza after the main event in the Square at about 1.30pm seeking signatures for his petition. When I saw him approaching other diners; I challenged him about lack of authority to do so, his response was "It's a public place". I phoned the Plaza management today who confirmed it is not a public place and they do not permit polling, petitions etc. They said they would remind all their retail outlets and look out for Hobson's Pledge supporters. Email ends.

It would appear that both Don’s failed to follow the rules…is this a sign of their general intelligence? Remember these are the elderly old white males who preach ‘One law for all, but it would seem not for them.

How to take back your signature:

Now if you feel that you signed the Don Brash / Don Esslemont petition without being correctly informed, or you were fooled into signing, as may well be the case for some elderly folk…you can send a message to the City Council or the District council and have your name withdrawn…it is believed that over a dozen people have taken this course of action thus far.

Strange as it might sound but the Klu-Klux-Klan lynch mobs who mass murdered hundreds if not thousands of Blacks, covered their faces to avoid being recognised, yet even today we have frightened people who lack the fortitude, to tell the truth as they seek signatures. If you are approached to sign their racist poll, I ask you to be polite…while you consider telling him or her to bugger off,
2. This from the Daily bog site:

“I want to target one particular scum bag, National Party wonder boy – Chris Bishop. Listening to your bullshit excuse as to why you wouldn’t vote because it didn’t have ‘enough regulation’ was sophistry of the highest order.
Aren’t you a former tobacco lobbyist you filthy clown? Didn’t you peddle a product a thousand times more lethal than the one you just voted against?
Fuck you, you lying hypocritical maggot.
This is the National Party, the party of liberty and personal choice – what a load of corrupt sleaze bags with the ethics of vultures on meth.

Everywhere in the world where meaningful cannabis reform has occurred, it has done so because people put it to a referendum beyond the cowardice of politicians.
We will fight to get that referendum up in time for the 2020 election and on that day when we win, we will ram its results so far down the throat of these arseholes they gag themselves another set of lungs.
Respects to Chloe and the Greens for championing this and for running with it, their courage is to be saluted.
To the binding referendum Brothers& Sisters where these spineless politicians can’t stop us! Helen Kelly would be ashamed of the entire Parliament today.

3. This is a must attend: The Globe 20th February, so make sure you enter in your calendar...and please share this with as many friends as you can, your help will be greatly and highly valued.

I slipped this next item in because it is a hot weather subject, Larry Haist sent it to me and its well worth a look:

Cheers and have a good week...

Peter J Wheeler

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