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Wheelers Corner 07 18th Feb 2018

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 07 22nd February 2018

1. Farewell Mr. Bill English, you stayed too long, lost too many elections, told too many fibs to too many people, were a pawn of the greatest rip-off artist John Key, to whom you were forced to offer a Knighthood, you cut beneficiaries benefits only to praise yourself when you returned half the cut ten years later. The daily blog wrote this: And I think it was being rather kind… 

“All his life, from gay rights, abortion rights, marriage equality, climate change and cannabis reform, this man has been on the wrong side of history. In the end his religious fervour and his value system generated huge social welfare ideas that were more punishing and less compassionate than he ever intended, that’s because Bill’s sense of love never extended to his fellow human being, it was always set by a distant and angry God”.

The National Party has fully controlled the main stream media during its nine years in office and I don’t doubt it will need to continue to do so in the future. Let’s look at the bunch of proven Rogues who are clamoring for the top job:

The Contenders Gallery of Right Royal Rogues:

Simon Bridges Amy Adams and Judith Collin
Judith [crusher] Collins: 01
A huge supporter of Chinese money, loves lunches for Chinese business big-wigs, great supporter of the car crushing industry, has a thing about hand guns and police protection schemes. And milk is her favourite drink, in China that is!. A recent blogger wrote:
…at a time when one of China’s best friends, Judith Collins, is about to win the leadership of the National Party, one of the few brave academics prepared to point out the power and influence Chinese interests have over our largest political party is receiving threats and her house broken into.

Simon [brill-creme] Bridges: 02
Simon Bridges was born in October 1976 in Auckland, the youngest of six children. His father, a Māori of Ngāti Maniapoto descent, was a Baptist minister, and his mother, a New Zealand European from Waihi, was a primary school teacher. He has three-sixteenths Māori ancestry [1] and is related to former Labour Cabinet Minister Koro Wētere. Can you imagine a Maori leading the National Party, Muldoon will be revolving in his grave at the thought?

But if he doesn’t succeed he might go off the general roll and go on the Maori roll and stand for a Maori seat…the Nats never put up candidates in the Maori seats…I wonder why not. I am informed that Ngati Maniapoto have disowned him. Plus the fact that he has still to build the promised ‘Bridges’ North of Auckland.

Amy [earnest] Adams: 03
Together with her husband Robert Donald "Don" Adams, she owns three farms: in Darfield, Kirwee, and Te Kauwhata. The first two of these are in Canterbury, are sheep and crop farms, and within the area of the Central Plains Water scheme. The Te Kauwhata farm is located in the Waikato.[14] Through their company Amdon Farms Ltd, they are shareholders of Central Plains Water.[14]

Her sister, Belinda Milnes, was an advisor to Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, and when Bennett appointed her as Families Commissioner in 2013, the opposition complained of cronyism.[15] David Ware, the husband of Milnes and thus brother-in-law of Adams, has publicly criticised Adams in her role as Communications and Information Technology Minister, where government policies favour big telecommunications companies. Ware is the chief executive of NZX-listed company Team Talk, and feels "dreadfully let down" by the Communications and Information Technology Minister.

I suppose putting a fox in-charge of the chicken house, will continue the norm. But putting a person who forced the closure of democracy in Canterbury could put our nation at risk…but still she is slimmer that wee Judith and is certainly more photogenic.

They, the National Party may prefer other possible contenders like Steven Joyce the 11.5 billion dollar-hole man or Dr Jonathan Coleman who often stands for leader and only gets one vote, his own…for an even deeper look at the possible leader go to:
Peter Grove suggested that we all read:

Peter then suggests that we consider the following as we all look back at the history of government’s treatment of elderly regarding super:

“When they've got nothing better to do they pick on the elderly. If these gits could have their way they'd have us all hanging on to 100 years old, before qualifying for National Super!
What all this debate is doing is pointing up again, if any evidence is needed, the stupidity of Piggy Muldoon in his rush to offer a taxpayer's nightmare with his answer to the excellent super scheme proposed by the late Norman Kirk.

If you remember, when the switch came from the Kirk scheme to the Muldoon nightmare, we all received the contributions we had paid into the Kirk Scheme. Also if you remember, Muldoon fought a continually losing battle with rampant inflation. The very action of paying us all back with our contributions, was absolutely inflationary. So much for the Pig's worth as Minister of Finance!

There has been a report recently which claimed, had the Kirk scheme been adopted, New Zealand would have now had something like $240 billion set aside in contributions to individual super-annuations. What sort of difference would that have made to our overall economic situation?

The present scheme is funded entirely out of taxation, which is placing an unfair and unnecessary burden on the ever decreasing numbers of taxpayers. Perhaps Bagrie would have been better advised to pull his big woolly head in and recognised the dreadful errors of the pig's scheme. Viewing the political process through an emptying whiskey bottle has never been a recipe for success, and that episode in our history has shown the fallacies of Right-Wing Governments, which have been shown up as monumental failures all around the world!

If you remember on the fateful night the Pig announced his scheme on nation-wide TV, he solemnly told all of us there was no reason for any of us to save for our retirements as his scheme offered far better results than the Kirk Scheme! History is continuing to prove the fallacy of that argument. Sure the Pig's scheme appeared to be 'Gold-Plated' to the previous scheme with retirement age set at age 60. I worked in Public Service in those days and my confreres approaching 60 were absolutely blown away at what they foresaw as unbounded governmental generosity! Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Peter J Wheeler

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Wheeler's Corner NZ said...


You could say the three contenders for Blenglish's job are Bad, Worse and Worser!
What a bunch of puffed up turkeys. What they can't see is that being No Good in Government means they will be similarly No Good in Opposition!
We, the people pay their wages. Why don't We have a say in who does what, outside of elections?

Peter G.