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Meths an excuse to sell State Houses...wheelers Corner

Wheeler's Corner 24 10th June 2018.

This from Radio NZ:
"The apologies have been coming in thick and fast over the last week after the Prime Minister's chief scientific advisor delivered a king hit to the country's meth testing industry.
It's now clear hundreds of Housing New Zealand's tenants have been needlessly kicked out of their homes and blacklisted, while in the private sector landlords coughed up many millions of dollars to decontaminate their homes, because it was wrongly assumed that meth residue posed a risk to people's health.

An entire testing industry has sprung up in New Zealand offering to test homes for traces of meth while the legal system and local government have punished those unfortunate enough to get caught up in what is nothing more than a groundless moral panic. Have a listen to:

You decide who was at fault, did Paula Bennett and Bill English use the 'P' scare to enable them to toss out tenants and their families from social and State housing and therefor enable the government to sell off housing while at the same time spend millions on a Saudi non-existent Farm and a changing the flag exercise whim of the then PM.

The evidence that has now clearly been disclosed shows the obvious twisted logic of a government that never really cared about honest socially acceptable behaviour. This along with the weak and gutless leadership of Housing NZ, but hey this was normal behaviour under John Key and Bill English.

The bulls**t that we now know was absolute false or fake news has come back to bite our bums, and for this kind of clap-trap Bill English was knighted...Who the heck signed that one off? English the man who hates gays, apposes abortion, detests gay marriage, kicks people out of state houses and sells hundreds of state houses, runs the public health system into the ground and hands education over to private enterprise gets bloody knighted after authorising the knighting of New Zealand's greatest ever con-man Prime Minister John Key who was more famous for his pony tail pulling and his tax-payer donation of millions to the Hillary Foundation than anything else.

 One hundred million dollars National spent creating a non-existing problem that made dozens of private companies a fortune fixing a problem that never actually existed.

What do you have to do to "Not get knighted" Good heavens Bill English and John Key combined make Bob Jones look like an honest person, and when you include Roger Douglas into the mix its almost totally unbelievable. All four were knighted for the wrong reasons.

They must feel ashamed now for accepting their gifted and undeserved knighthoods.

Deeply religious Bill English I'm sure would agree with the words of J.C attached to the picture relating to the famous feeding of the masses. Lets hope that Housing NZ makes good its now public promise to correct its absolutely disgusting failure in regard to its handling of this now infamous event.

2. Sometimes we have to choose in which direction we head, forward to a future based on hope and dreams of a better and more equal social life / fairness balance for all.
Or by looking back to periods in history when hate, greed, obvious racist behaviour and fear ruled the world...its strange how many of our most heroic periods were really nothing more than giving ones life to protect the wealthy while those who did the fighting actually received nothing beneficial. The US, NZ effort in Vietnam proves this clearly. 
 If Ronald Mortensen was a Kiwi we'd most likely knight him...this from a US group of concerned citizens, yes I know its unbelievable that this racist bigot could even be considered for the role Trump has nominated him is their message...

Ronald Mortensen.

Dear Friend,

Block and resist racist Ronald Mortensen's nomination to oversee refugees
Ronald Mortensen has spread racist smears about immigrants, declared that undocumented immigrants routinely commit felonies, claimed foreign nationals carry serious disease into the United States and railed against Dreamers – implying most are criminals and demanding all pay restitution for their supposed crimes.1

And he put it all in writing as a fellow for an anti-immigrant think tank that the Southern Poverty Law Center has called a hate group.2 Now, xenophobe-in-chief Donald Trump has nominated Mortensen to lead the U.S. government's efforts to aid refugees – and it's up to us to stop him.
Tell the Senate: A racist like Ronald Mortensen has no place overseeing refugee resettlement. Click here to sign the petition.

Mortensen has smeared all immigrants as "murderers, identity thieves, gang bangers, and other assorted thugs."3 He is a fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, a favorite organization of racist Trump adviser Stephen Miller that has already funneled other hate-mongers into the administration and which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group for its efforts to demonize immigrants and people of color. Mortensen's work has even been shared approvingly by outright white nationalist figures.4
Only an unabashed racist like Donald Trump would even think of picking Mortensen to be Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, a role that involves overseeing refugee resettlement programs and building strong relationships with people around the world. The Trump administration has sought to impose a bigoted refugee ban and is now sabotaging refugee resettlement through layers of bureaucracy – and appointments like Mortensen – in an attempt to destroy America's legacy of welcoming those fleeing danger and violence.5
The White House has tried to sweep Mortensen's ties to CIS under the rug by focusing on his time at the United States Agency for International Development. But a former USAID coworker said Mortensen's work was unexceptional and far from high-level leadership, and he implied that  

Mortensen's hate-group affiliations were the real reason he was nominated.6
Democrats have blasted Trump's pick, and Republican senator Jeff Flake has already announced he will oppose Mortensen's nomination.7 

We have a chance to keep Mortensen out of office and show that white supremacy ideology is unacceptable, even in the age of Trump – but to do it, we need to make sure every senator knows that a vote for Mortensen is a vote for all of his horrible, racist ideas.

3The Nortcote By-election is over and

National's Dan Bidois has won the Northcote by-election, and will represent the electorate at Parliament for the remainder of the term.
National's newest MP Dan Bidois. Photo: Supplied.
Labour's Shanan Halbert has called Mr Bidois to concede.
With 100 percent of the vote counted, Mr Bidois is on 10,147 votes, ahead of Mr Halbert's 8,785, meaning there's 1362 votes in it.
The Northcote seat was vacated when long-time National MP Jonathan Coleman resigned from Parliament to head a private healthcare company, Acurity Health Group. He did so just six months after being re-elected to the role.
Mr Bidois' win means National will remain the largest singular party in Parliament, with 56 seats.
Internal polls heading in to the by-election showed very different stories, with Labour's targeted polls indicating a two point gap between the candidates.

This evening's result has the gap between the two top candidates at 1362 votes, which is a nearly 5,000 vote improvement on Mr Halbert's result against Dr Coleman at the 2017 General Election.
However accounting for a lower voter turnout, National pulled in around the same percentage of the votes as it did at the last election - 52 percent.

Many Green Party voters opted for Labour this time around, bolstering Mr Halbert's vote.
The Green Party's Rebekah Juang and the ACT Party's Stephen Berry came in at 579 and 157 votes respectively.

This from the Labour Party:

National’s majority has been slashed from 6210 to 1362 – if this trend continues, Northcote will be turning red at the 2020 election.

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