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Jacinda Vs Anne Actions speak louder than words.

This is being done without consent...


 On the very same day I received a handout in my letter box fronted by a smiling Jacinda Ardern I received an email from Anne Hunt of Horowhenua. Jacinda stated "I'm proudly ambitious for this amazing country and those of us who call it home"...

Anne Hunt suggests that the Labour Party, Green Party and NZ First...
"Should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!

You decide if she is correct...we should judge people by what they do rather than by what they say...Here is Anne's email: Its worth a read...

From: Anne Hunt []
Sent: Monday, 4 June 2018 4:44 AM
To: 'Rt. Hon Jacinda Ardern' <>; '' <>; 'K Davis (MIN)' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; 'E Sage (MIN)' <>; 'C Finlayson (MIN)' <>; '' <>;
Subject: Unconsented Earthworks desecrating Lake Horowhenua
Importance: High

Well, Jacinda, the relationship between Phil Taueki as a direct descendent of Taueki, a Treaty signatory, and the Crown has well and truly been rent asunder.
This is a fine gift for her Majesty the Queen of England on the very day this country celebrates her birthday!
The attached photographs should be self-explanatory and a damning indictment on all those who sat on their hands as we pleaded for assistance.
This desecration took place on the dewatered area of Lake Horowhenua, the scene of the great Mua-Upoko massacre by Ngati Toa, as a result of Te Rauaparaha’s threat to exterminate this tribe. Only Taueki as the Ariki and a few others survived.
Phil Taueki would have liked to halt this work carried out last Friday, but the site instructions were for the security guard on site at all times to summon the police. Still not in the best of health following his hospitalisation earlier this year, he did not want to risk arrest and incarceration over the Queen’s birthday weekend. He was accordingly in agony that he could not protect those slain from desecration of their grounds.
This work was carried out despite :
·         The Horowhenua District Council not yet filing a resource consent to discharge Levin’s stormwater into Lake Horowhenua
·         Horowhenua’s Mayor having no knowledge of this activity
·         The Chair of the Lake Domain Board having no knowledge of this activity
·         An application to divert the stormwater that has been before the Maori Land Court since 2012
·         The Maori Appellate Court determining that Judge Doogan has a conflict of interests with Matt Sword, a lawyer who chairs the Lake Trust
Since 1973, Levin’s stormwater has been discharged into this privately-owned and environmentally-degraded Lake.
I was a Horowhenua District Councillor in 2011 when Phil Taueki came to the council with a formal submission asking council to divert Levin’s stormwater from his lake. For his troubles, he was trespassed from the building.
As you are well aware, a Horowhenua District Council manager issued instructions for Phil Taueki’s water to be disconnected. Stoically, Phil Taueki has lived without a water supply for 566 days now, even though he was hospitalised earlier this year seriously ill and is now suffering from a chronic illness.
Yet throughout all this, this Government has sat on its hands, merely politely acknowledging receipt of my e-mails.
I therefore hold each and every one of you accountable for this desecration that has caused Phil Taueki and other members of his whanau such anguish.
I doubt whether any single one of you can imagine how dreadful he must have felt last Friday having to stand by while a large digger and front-end loader trampled the ground to unearth an area of land that has remained undisturbed for a century or more, because this is the site where many warriors, women and children were slaughtered as they fled their artificial islands of refuge. As James Cowan reported, the waters ran red with blood, and seagulls screeched in from the shore to peck on the flesh of their carcasses.
He had to stand by and let this desecration happen, because your police force would have thrown him into jail if he objected!
You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!

Most sincerely
Anne Hunt

From Wheeler's Corner: You may like to send a email to all the addresses above:
So much for freedom and conservation and pollution.

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Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

Received by email 4th June 2018


Little by little the Kolynos girl and her acolytes are digging their own graves, come 2020.

What a choice the electors of this country will have at the next election. Do Nothing Labour or Do Even Less Tories.

All the promises are going skyward as does all hot air.

Peter G.