Friday, 17 February 2012

Paul Holmes may he rest in peace.

The man in the middle should disappear.

Paul Holmes: Rest in Peace.

He was born sixty plus long years ago, and self destructed 2012 in a blaze of ignominy and bigotry.

No, he is not physically deceased, just brain dead for he has simply stopped living in today’s New Zealand.

Some years ago when he was with much fanfare dumped from TV One because he highly over valued himself both in money terms, intelligence and in pulling power. He had the opportunity to retire gracefully but alas that is not the way of self proclaimed egotistical gods.

Since that missed chance of being remembered for the odd moment of success, which slipped out of his grasp because of his hugely overstated opinion of his news worthiness. He has chosen instead the path of bluster rather than intelligence as his highway to nowhere.

He has now reached that point.

His red neck, lowest common denominator right wing egotistical talk back telephone style has led him progressively down the path of ignorance and scorn. He now sits below his listeners.
His obvious self-righteousness and superciliousness mis-use of the English language have without doubt led him to behave as a non-swimmer would in the deep end of the local swimming pool. He is in horror mode [as many old white bigots are] as he grasps at straws to survive among a sensationalist but meaningless media dominated by Rupert Murdock style of Australian racism and anti woman clap-trap that ferments this day and age via radio talk back.
He needs a superman style life guard to rescue him from drowning in his own stupidity and unawareness.

Anyone who suggests that ANZAC day remembrance of Gallipoli is an indicator of bravery and heroism needs a lesson in history. ANZAC day is anti war, not pro-war. It is a day we grieve for the dead.
Gallipoli was stuffed up from start to finish. I recognise the bravery that was displayed by individuals as they carried out the insane and idiotic orders of leaders who were not fit to run a kindergarten.
Our military history leads any thinking person to rightly conclude that; New Zealand has become known as a country that fights ‘other people’s wars’… and that has to stop.

Paul Holmes obvious and expressed revulsion of things Maori as indicated in his stupid and childish Herald diatribe about Waitangi day simply proves beyond a shadow of doubt how out of touch he is with our communities.

It really doesn’t deserve comment, as Hone Harawira so elegantly said in his column in the Herald.

The difference between Waitangi day and any day that glorifies war and mass murder is covered in one word, a word that Paul Holmes has long forgotten, and that word is “honesty”.  Paul Holmes may he rest in peace or at least in silence.

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