Thursday, 23 February 2012

Smirky buys support for Asset Sales...Maori Party leaders cave in...

Co-Leaders steer Nat's course. 

The Maori Party moves true to form, after a rousing haka, they then did their usual and decided that a cabinet position with the so-called mana that goes with those positions is far more important than principle in the world of politics.

Smirky Key’s has once again made them eat humble pie and brought them off in his usual and well practiced style. Ponzi artists like Smirky are well practiced at buying off opposition to get their own way.

The Maori Party and Smirky still have to overcome the fact that 75% of the population doesn’t want the planned sell off of NZ assets, but it would seem that the Maori party leadership now have jumped waka and are now rowing in a different direction. It’s amazing what a bob or two can buy these days.

Could it be correct that our Smirky PM is being paid, by unknown interested parties, to sell off our assets…could this be the real reason why he was selected as the Nat's leader…one could be drawn into this conclusion based on the fact that his whole career has been founded on trading money for big bonuses…

Also it appears his background employment failures or successes have become a ‘no go’ area by our mainstream media. There was no in depth discussion during the entire election campaign on just how Smirky [Key] made his millions.

It is not known exactly what power Smirky and Bill English has over the Maori Party but all the Hui [sometimes misnamed consultation] were almost one hundred percent opposed to Asset Sales yet it was left to the newly formed and growing Mana Party to actually lead the Maori input within the debate, because most Maori Party members knew that their leadership would in the end cave in and ride the wave of their ministerial posts.

But the battle is not over we should all watch this space. But one thing is certain and that is that the Maori Party leadership is on a downward slide to nowhere.

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