Monday, 13 February 2012

Smirky, Dotcom and Greece what do they have in common?

Smirky, Dotcom and Greece

It’s time that our main stream media asked the hard questions about our smirky PM. Instead of highlighting his love of the gay community they could be highlighting his connections to the bankruptcy of Greece.
The companies that employed Smirky were among the leeches that forced and conned their Ponzi style schemes onto the Greek economy by giving massive loans to Greece knowing that they simply could not be repaid.
They did the same in various countries all around the world.
These companies or corporations were not unlike the worms found in the stomachs of sheep that we destroy by the use of a powerful drench. It is a pity that we have yet to invent a drench that will rid the financial world of its stomach worms.
While employees such as smirky took millions in bonuses, the Greek people are now paying the price for that period of maniac financial craziness brought about by greed and so called creative accounting.

We too here paid the price for weak government and open slather financial market place behaviour.

Right now this very same person, now our employee, is looking at sacking thousands of public servants or reducing their wages so as to have them foot the bill for the financial behaviour of a past life. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious for those at the bottom who as always finish up paying for the wealth gained by the Ponzi artists who are thought by some to be smart financial whiz kids.

What is the difference between Mr. Dotcom and our own Mr. Smirky? I would suggest the major difference is that Mr. Dotcom ripped off the US corporations who the US didn’t want ripped off so they called it theft, while Mr. Smirky’s employers ripped off people and countries that the US were most happy to have ripped off and they called that free enterprise .

In New Zealand we honour and give Knighthoods to those who rip-off people, companies, countries. At least in the UK they took back a knighthood from the old boss of the bank of Scotland. There are some here who should have their knighthoods re-looked at. Douglas, Graham, Fay, etc…but don’t hold your breath. 

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