Wednesday, 25 July 2012

John Banks saved by the bell.

If I show you mine, will you show me yours...sure but not for six months. 

John Banks walks free…

So John Banks can come out of hiding. Not for him a trial by jury, or a mad screaming mob of lynching Sensible Sentencing Trust pleading for his execution or the PT [Part Time] PM demanding his resignation on the grounds of naughty behaviour unbefitting a cabinet Minister and ex-minister of Police. But he gets a simple rap over the nose with a wet bus ticket and a note to take home to his mother from the Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess acting as if the Commissioner was Head Master of an elite Auckland Boy’s School.

In fact the press release below lets John Banks once a Minister of the Crown, Mayor of Auckland and still leader of the sunken ship wreck known as the Act Party off the hook because his crime was not complained about earlier. He did know where the money came from but blamed his staff for not telling him. Strange that, he shakes the hand of the doner, thanks them and said he, "Couldn't remember"...yeah, yeah...

One could be forgiven for thinking that there is one law for the early caught and another for the later caught.

It’s almost impossible to consider that this character still helps write our laws, but he does and right now he is pushing for Charter Schools and pushing for privatising the education system. Putting women in their rightful place [where ever that might be], lowering the top tax rate, selling off our assets and selling off our health service. And Key made him a minister…I suppose now he will replace wee Bill English as Deputy PT PM…and shortly receive a knighthood for services to the police.

The police press release: Issued by the NZ Police Thursday 26th July 2012.

“Outcome of Police investigation into electoral returns of Hon John Banks
Statement from Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess:
Police investigating allegations that the Hon John Banks knowingly transmitted a false electoral return have decided there is insufficient evidence to consider a prosecution for an offence under section 134(1) of the Local Electoral Act 2001.
This follows complaints about returns filed relating to donations from Sky City Casino, Mr Kim Dotcom and a radio advertising donation to the 2010 Auckland Super City mayoralty campaign of Mr Banks.
The inquiry has established the return was compiled by a campaign volunteer who assured Mr Banks it was accurate before Mr Banks signed and transmitted the return.
In terms of Section 134 (2) of the Local Electoral Act relating to transmitting a false return there is a statutory limit of six months from the time of elections when complaints must be laid. Police first received the complaint for investigation on 27 April 2012, well after the expiry of six month period. Police are therefore unable to consider charges pursuant to Section 134 (2)”.

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