Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Can Knights be un-knighted?

Can Roger Douglas be un-knighted? 

During the finial edition of the Backbenchers on TV 7 they showed a clip of Roger Douglas defending his mad policies of freeing up the banks and financial nutters of the day, he said, “That Wall Street failed because the US financial scene was too regulated”. I was totally stunned, and ashamed that such dribble could come from a guy who was knighted for service to NZ. And to think that he represented the NZ Labour Party made it doubly alarming but never the less that’s what he said. Today here in NZ those who leave college and attend University are lumbered with student loans that can be as high as sixty thousand dollars. Right at this very minute in time, students owe billions of dollars to the state, thanks to Roger Douglas. Most of our so-called blue chip investments in the deregulated finance market have gone down the drain, the housing bubble has burst and thousands are having great difficulty meeting their mortgage repayments especially if one of the house holders has lost their job and are trying to live on one wage. Why, because people have simply become too greedy, not needy but greedy. And now as was predicted we have needier and less wealthy but who have in fact become wealthier, beat that for stupidity. This government followed the mad Roger Douglas and gave massive tax cuts to millionaires and borrowed the money or taxed the needy to pay for it. That is a fact.
The mad financial dealers that took over Wall Street because of its deregulation are now the leaders of countries, the nutty Republican presidential candidate in the US is but one example of a billionaire who has great control over the media and may well buy his way into power using the money he has ripped off his fellow citizens. Money is power and power is money.
We here in NZ are led by a like model, and he is rich by NZ standards. [60 to 70 million], and what is his answer to our problems…sell off the family silver…exactly what Roger Douglas did. When will we ever learn? One thousand plus a week leaving for Australia or elsewhere says it all and they are not leaving because of what is happening in Greece, they are leaving because of what is happening here in New Zealand…and that is a fact.

The bankster world is much smaller than many realise and the same names keep appearing; names like Robert Rubin who was involved with trying to stop the Enron Bonds being down graded; Merrill Lynch [Key’s Bosses] were involved in an attempt by Enron to lie about the state of their company. A little while back John Key met with Timothy Geithner to discuss free trade, why? It makes me nervous when I see our PM so close to what are arguably the biggest Ponzi schemers of our time. We need to look carefully at the past behaviour of our leaders especially in the financial / banking or money trading area. We must stop repeating the same failed policies over and over again. Rod Oram says
“The developed world, including us, has at least another decade of wrenching adjustment to repair the damage done by the debt-fuelled boom during the 15 years or so to 2007” [Quote ends].
He is correct and we must not forget where John Key resided during those years and who his bosses were. They were his mentors, his guiding lights, they paid his bonuses and they didn’t pay him for nothing…sadly for all of us we are now paying for those massive Ponzi type scheme.

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