Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rain drops keep falling on my head, says Key

As was expected and planned Key is using the media to turn the eyes and ears of New Zealanders away from ‘Asset Sales’ and onto the discussion on water use. By doing this he thinks just maybe he can sell off our assets while red-necked radio talk back fans rave on about Maori claims before the Waitangi Tribunal.
Maori and most thinking New Zealanders don’t want their assets sold off, they never believed Keys crap about Mom’s and Dad’s buying the shares and they have been proven correct because Key now admits that stopping the bulk of the shares being sold overseas is impossible. So like any good money salesman he has switched tracks and now is attempting to convert the issue to one about who owns the water in the forlorn hope that this will take our mind off his real aim, of selling off assets.
Below is an interview with Hone Harawira broadcast on TV 3 this morning [11th July 2012]  

“The Mana Party is calling for the Maori Party to walk the talk if the Government ignores any recommendations made by the Waitangi Tribunal over water right.
Mana Party leader Hone Harawira says if the Government were to ignore any recommendations that were favourable to iwi ownership, the Maori Party should walk away from their coalition with National.
However he told Firstline he doesn’t think they will.
“They have no intention of leaving,” he says. “They’re big on threatening to walk but they’re pretty weak when it comes to walking the talk.”
Mr Harawira says the sale of state assets is an issue that affects all New Zealanders.
“This is a claim about water and water is an essential element in the sale of state assets.”
He thinks Prime Minister John Key will get burnt by this water issue.
“When this gets to the high court and he finds out that the New Zealand Government does not have the ownership papers to a car they are trying to sell to private investors.” However Mr Key is standing firm on the Government's position around Maori rights to water - he says they don't own it.
He's also reiterated that the Waitangi Tribunal has no binding power over the Government, and that asset sales will go ahead.

For those who live in the Manawatu Region:
There is a lot going on this weekend for all you politicos and activists. We need to keep active in this cold weather!!!!
2pm     The Square      National Day of Action; Assets Sale Rally
8.30am          Railway Station         Capital Connection Rally
7pm             Community Centre        Manawatu Keep Our Assets Public Meeting

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