Friday, 27 July 2012

Maggie Vs Jancinda

Maggie Vs Jancinda

Maggie Barry was sitting outside in her garden sipping a red wine and relaxing with her teenaged children when one of them asked.
“Yes dear”
“Who is Jancinda?
 “Where did you hear that unbearable name? Maggie said.
“At school” the daughter answered.
“They used her name at your school, well I never; private schools should know better, I hope it wasn’t a teacher”, she muttered.
“It was my best friend and she thinks that Jancinda is rather neat…you know with it”.
“What do you mean, neat, with it, what sort of language is that? Maggie snapped.
“Oh, come on Mum, you know, up to date, fashionable, you know up with the play”, said the daughter frowning.
Just at that moment Maggie’s son called out, “Mom can I have a break from trimming the edges of the lawn”.
“No not yet you’ve missed a bit and I want the lawn edges perfect, John K is coming around soon and I want him to see my garden at its best”, she shouted sounding rather stern.
“Mom, my best friend said that Jancinda is really slim and has a smile that just beams”, said the daughter.
“For heavens sake, that woman hasn’t had any children so she still has her shape, that’s all nothing else”, said Maggie and it was her turn to frown now.
“Are you saying Mom that 'having' me caused you to gain weight? She asked seriously.
“Well sort of, but I love you dearly”, she said realising she put her foot in it once again.
“I’m not going to have any children if it means I’ll lose my shape”, said the daughter looking rather glum.
Oh you have to, otherwise how can you later talk about matters like maternity leave and all that kind of stuff”, Maggie snapped back.
“Mom”, shouted her son, are the edges straight enough now”…
“Oh alright that will do”, anyway I’ve noticed that John may not be a straight as he makes out”, with his support for the Gay marriage bill, she thought.

Just then the daughter’s cell phone rang, “Hi, your Mom’s on Facebook, really and Jancinda too…sounds cool…they said what…really, truly, they did…
The daughter rushed inside to get on line; she was due to get her I pad next birthday.

The conversation ended so I carried on weeding the rose garden, no one notices me I’m just one of the gardeners…you shouldn’t believe that the 'Maggie' of the ‘Garden show' really does any gardening…

Go Jancinda.

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