Thursday, 28 February 2013

Oscar presentation delayed

An Oscar for Peter Jackson.

Sir Peter Jackson had been nominated for a special Hollywood Oscar award for ‘collecting the biggest free handout for making a motion picture’. He and his wife plus the Prime Minister were heading off to Hollywood for a special industry award presentation early next week.

The PM won the special award for getting the NZ Government to donate 67 million dollars to Warner Brothers and their enforcers. This Hollywood special Oscar was also awarded because the NZ PM gave the added bonus of a ‘New Zealand law change’ that ensured that NZ actors and film crews now and in the future will received less per hour that those from Mexico or North Korea.

John Key was due to receive ‘US citizenship’ for his role in selling out our NZ film industry. He had even ordered a ‘T’ shirt with the words ‘Made in the USA’ printed front and back.

'I know nothing' says Sgt Jerry Brownless Schultz. 

But then the S…t hit the fan…
On Monday the 25th of February 2013 all his plans turned to custard when documents he had kept from the public for over two and a half years were finally released to both the media [Fairfax] and the local FOL. The documents including emails between Jerry Brownlee and Warner Brothers and Peter Jackson show clearly that Brownlee lied to Parliament when he told parliament that Warner Brothers did not ask the national government to change the law. They did, and he obeyed them and changed the law. In most other countries that would be called criminal.  

The planned Hollywood song and dance presentation for Jackson and Key has been put on hold until Steven Joyce can create a convincing PR story to cover the lies of Jerry Brownlee, Bill English and of course John Key and himself. This PR exercise has overtaken the Sky City pokies for convention centre stuff up as the most urgent on the governments’ agenda.

It has been reported that:
The PM was so emotional upset when he found out that Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers had lied [Yeah right] and ripped off the NZ tax payers and made a fool out of himself and his government that he has had to take a week off work and fly to his mansion in Hawaii and spend some quality time at the beach talking to his friends the sea gulls and dream of his days on Wall Street.

Meanwhile back in 2010…

Key opens his mouth, and he and Brownlee put their foot in it… and tax payers’ fork out 67 million dollars to the Warner Brothers mafia gang. And the government goes into damage control mode by using the ‘hide the documents / evidence’ mode. As with everything else, the government can’t even be a successful crook, in fact based on its present performance Key should seriously consider joining the Police force or head the GCSB / SIS.

After two and a half years of hiding the facts plus issuing a [slippery] knighthood for chubby hobbit Peter Jackson the government has been forced to reveal its bull-shit story about big brave John Key’s non battle on behalf of Kiwi film goers. It was all crap. Key and Brownlee were clearly beaten in the bull-shit stakes when they were out-thought, both strategically and tactically by a cunning Peter Jackson and his Warner Brothers masters who have fully mastered the art of propaganda and squeezed millions of extra dollars out of star-struck John Key and Steven Joyce. The question is, ‘Where will they strike next?   

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