Thursday, 21 February 2013

Key bites hand that feeds him.

Child throws temper tantrum in Beehive kindergarten sandpit:

A young second year kindergarten pupil John Key had to be removed from his Beehive preschool class when he attacked other users of the sandpit.

The reason for his tantrum appeared to be the fact that he had lied to both teachers and other pupils and when they pointed this out he reacted by screaming bad language at all around him. It would seem that he lacked the ability to control his disappointment at being caught out.

The head teacher David Carter said, “That he hadn’t seen behaviour such as this in all his 40 years of dairy farming”, [He was appointed head teacher under the Act and National party Charter School regulations] His assistant Jerry Brownlee, a woodwork unqualified teacher had to take over and try to man-handle young John out of the sand pit, he failed and had to be assisted from the sandpit.  

His Mother was called to the school to discipline young John but John bit his Mothers hand and she was forced to flee the scene in tears and have treatment for possible rabies.

Since he was brought up by a solo mum the police are considering charging her with his offences in line with the new laws where beneficiaries can be charged because his mother  should have known about his possible temper tantrum and warned the kindergarten.

The Minister in charge of punishing forgetful beneficiaries Chester Borrows said “That this was a clear case of beneficiary fraud because John‘s Mother knew about her child’s erratic and possible illegal behaviour and should have given up her benefit payments and reported it to the social welfare department. Mr Borrows believes that Key's Mother would owe at least $37.50 and this is urgency needed to balance the books.  

Key’s Porkies On Pokies Exposed
Thursday, 21 February 2013, 3:59 pm
Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party 
Deputy Leader

21 February 2013 MEDIA STATEMENT

Key’s Porkies On Pokies Exposed

John Key needs to tell New Zealanders the truth about his dodgy dealings with Sky City, says Labour’s Deputy Leader, Grant Robertson.

“The Prime Minister’s story is shifting like quick-sand. Yesterday he told Parliament that Sky City approached TVNZ about purchasing land for the convention centre and he talked about a commercial agreement with the casino.

“Today, he’s had to admit he was wrong. He misled Parliament and New Zealanders.

“John Key is all over the place. He can’t give a straight answer to a simple question and stick to it.

“The fact is that John Key tipped the playing field in favour of Sky City. He personally intervened to ensure it had the inside running to build the convention centre. On August 24 2009 in a handwritten note he instructed officials to “close off the Sky City angle” and stopped the bidding process in the meantime.

“John Key drove this process – a process that the Deputy Auditor General says was not even-handed and was not transparent.

“And despite what he says, he was warned about his approach.

“Yesterday John Key said the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet did not receive advice from the Ministry of Economic Development recommending that the Government seek advice from the Auditor General about the “probity” of the process. 24 hours later, Steven Joyce told Parliament that it did.

“Every day this deal gets murkier and murkier. The Government’s story is completely unravelling.

“That’s what you get when you don’t run an open and transparent process, and instead do shonky deals on the side. New Zealanders expect and deserve far better from their government,” says Grant Robertson.

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