Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wizardry, Truth and Lies.

Wizardry leads the way to truth…

If only I’d not done a butchery apprenticeship but instead completed a Wizardry apprenticeship as per the Harry Potter stories. I could have learned the secret spell that would make people tell the truth with just the wave of a wand.

Oh the fun I could have, I could learn the truth about why people really do and say the things they do. Public relations spin experts could become a thing of the past. They could even be our main source of unemployment.

Using the skill of truth making new and wondrous news making could liven up all our horizons and new possibilities become more than simply dreams. We could actually vote for honest politicians rather than PR created ones: Here as some examples:   

If when asking a councillor why he or she was standing in the up-coming local election and they now days all answer:

“Oh I just adore Palmerston North and I want to help make our wonderful city a far better place going forward for all our children and their children because our children are the future…and I will lead on your behalf with utmost honesty, integrity and sincerity etc, etc.  

I could then wave my wand and say the magic word and ask the same question and receive this answer:

“What a stupid question, I need the $36,000 that goes with the job; I mean you can’t live on the pension or the unemployment benefit… that’s why I’m also standing for the Hospital Board and anything else that pays, I mean its money for jam…I don’t even have to attend meetings to get paid, and right now nobody would employ me anyway”.

Then there is John Keys answer as to why Sky City was treated with such obvious favour over the deal to build a Auckland Conference Centre:

“There was no special treatment as the deputy auditor report pointed out; I’m absolutely free of any wrong-doing I was only helping the wonderful people of greater Auckland gain a flash new Conference centre free of change built by a community loving organisation ‘Sky City’…I spent so much time having free meals with Sky City management because they are really lovely people…and they just adore little ole NZ and have no real desire to make millions off the backs of good honest kiwi gamblers with problems”. We are one big loving family:

A quick wave of the wand…and the spell works and brings a different answer:

Key said: “Sky City said they would build a bigger Conference Centre with out any government money, and since we are broke, that was attractive, but then they added that they wanted an extra 300 to 500 pokie machines. I thought seriously about that and decided that Sky City management are good friends and should get the contract and the increase in pokie machines as money is more important than people’s welfare, after all they are only gamblers and to make sure Sky City wins the contract I instructed my officials to ensure that Sky City got special treatment. I even have plans to knight the boss of Sky City…for giving John Banks a cash handout and me so many free meals”.

Just imagine if we all had the power to get people to tell the truth with just the wave of a wand. It would have a huge effect on society but in particular on television and the mass media and on the amount of tax we collect…the rich would have to pay tax at the same rate as the poor. Prices in our super markets would fall dramatically, Hundreds of banks would go broke and Insurance companies would have to fold. Police could half their numbers and car salesmen would look for other work. White supremacists would have to explain their backgrounds. House prices would fall. CEO’s would take massive cuts in salary because it would be quickly proven that they are in reality minor players in the wider scheme of things.

Compile your own list of how society could be improved if honesty was really prevalent.


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