Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Another Lie exposed about our troops.

Prime Minister lies yet again:

Climbing over the bodies of those already killed in Afghanistan John Key has bowed down yet again to the US demand to keep a NZ presence in Afghanistan after 2013.

Just as Key earlier buckled under when a bunch of Hollywood thugs put the pressure on to lower flim workers wages. During this Hobbits sham, he dished out 67 million, all for a glass of wine and a photo opportunity in Hollywood.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, then he willingly allowed the US FBI to push him even deeper into the mire of self inflicted servitude when they pressured NZ over Kim Dotcom. And our police and SIS/FBI raided Kim Dotcoms home in the PM’s electorate in Auckland. Key said he didn’t even know Kim Dotcom…trust Key…sure can…yeah right.

Yet again John Key displayed clearly how he made his millions. “Shut your eyes and just do whatever your boss tells you”, and expect a huge bonus on the side.

We should be ashamed of our Prime Minister he is an insult to our collective intelligence. 

While the government sacks key military staff and then hires them back as civilians, lowers wages, mothballs our Navy ships because of massive staff shortages, the PM waxes lyrically about how brave our military are, while at the same time refusing to pay some working for or in the military a livable wage.

It Stinks.

Too many of our military have died for the private ego and PR crap pumped out by the PM and his bunch of cronies.

Leon Panetta Drone boss...

U.S. killer and Drone Boss Leon Panetta visits NZ and Key breaks his promise to have all the troops out by mid 2013

Doesn’t the PM read the paper these days, if he did he would have seen where the President of Afghanistan doesn’t want the US to assist his troops and he has ordered his troops not to call for US air assistance [back up] when under attack because the Americans kill far too many civilians, miss the target or shoot up the wrong location.

Our troops should leave Afghanistan now, the war has been lost, and it was lost five years ago. It is utter crap to suggest our twenty-seven troops will make the slightest bit of difference. The Afghanis detest the Americans with a deep and understandable hatred, so much so that even the Afghan defence forces are killing the very US / Australian troops who are training them.

So why prolong the agony, the pain because as sure as God made apples so long as our troops remain assisting the US with its failed withdrawal [retreat] policy more will die. Or more innocent civilians will be handed over to be tortured or murdered in Afghanistan or flown to the US or third countries to be tortured via water boarding and such like. And Key is now a willing part of this criminal process…and therefore we are also guilty because we’ve allowed Key to blacken our name and our military standing by aiding and abetting murder on a massive international scale.


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