Sunday, 7 April 2013

Aid to the US yet again

Key offers help to the US and Korea

Break out your old K Force uniforms folks, we could soon be off to help the Americans in yet another bout of madness and destruction, of course the Yanks or the South Koreans don’t actually need our assistance they are perfectly able to bomb North Korea out of existence.

I can see it now, hundreds of troops marching up the streets of Wellington being waved farewell by a proud Prime Minister standing on the rostrum accompanied by his good friends Ian Fletcher and Sir Jerry Mateparae.

Of all this of course is dependant on the armed forces having any troops left after the pay cuts and the civilianisation of their organisations. So instead of troops we may in fact see hundreds of unemployed youth who have completed a quick stint in boot-camps being led by the Minister of Social Welfare Paula Bennett wearing the latest fashionable combat dress.

The Prime Minister told the press:

 “I wouldn’t want to speculate, but obviously we have got a long and proud history of coming to the support of South Korea,” he said in comments reported on TV3.
“Taken to the extreme, and without interventions and resolutions to the issues, that is of course possible.”

The backlash to his war-like statement was quick and instant in its condemnation of both its content and lack of analysis especially after he stated publicly that he would think before he speaks after his stuff-ups over the Ian Fletcher GCSB appointment episode just last week.

Somehow the climate in China, where he is presently on holiday, must have affected his reasoning. Maybe, just maybe, this was his way of taking attention away from one enormous F-up by making yet another F-up, not a bad technique if you are a Prime Minister under attack.

In all honesty I think you can keep your tin-hats in the shed...for he knows not what he says...

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