Monday, 15 April 2013

Let's legalise the illegal...WMD yeah right


Honesty or Bull Shit, you decide

John Key has just stated at his press conference for main stream media…

"My reputation matters to me because, you know, I am honest and I am up front."

My father many years ago told me, to never ever trust a politician who tells you he’s honest, for the chances are he is telling a lie…no honest man needs to say that; he simply lets his honesty be recognised through his behaviour, he doesn’t need to tell you”

The main stream media just sat there and said nothing, have they lost their tongues, are they getting more stupid by the day, its no wonder that people are not buying papers. Are they journalists or rabbits, men or mice or are they all like Karl du Fresne now days?  

John Key has now been caught out far too often to spin that line: Trans Rail Shares under the bed, not knowing Dotcom, the Ian Fletcher phone call, The GCSB illegal behaviour, but he doesn’t stop there, here is his latest claim:

“The terrorism threat in New Zealand is low but people have tried to use our technology to build weapons of mass destruction”, Key said.
And he said that to justify changing the law so that the GCSB, the SIS and Police can increase their already illegal spying on all New Zealanders.

The WOMD propaganda [dumb] theory invented by George W Bush, Tony Blair and that little chubby Australian fellow John Howard died a spectacular death after Bush and Blair were proven to absolute barefaced liars; sure it came too late to stop the mass murder of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians and the later deaths of thousands of US service men and women.

John Key talks about, and these are his actual words; ‘The alleged illegal spying on New Zealanders’…What in Gods name is alleged, its fact, proven in court, the GCSB aided by the Police and the FBI broke the law…end of story! Does John Key think the court lied? Does he not understand that the raid on the Dotcom mansion took place…or has he forgotten that absolute fact?  Now he decides to change the law rather than punish the law breakers…

Still it is par for the course, Paula Bennett [ex-solo mum] and ex-cop Chester Borrows pursue beneficiaries, while the police break the law and praise a crooked cop and while Detective Inspector Grant Wormald [pictured] lied to a court hearing the government does nothing but introduce changes to the present law retrospectively to protect their mates.

If we got tough on white collar crime we’d collect billions but alas they vote National or now live overseas on the benefits of their crime. I can’t understand why Garth McVicar hasn’t spoken out about the issue of police and GCSB crime…surely its one law for all, at least that’s what he preaches.

 Prime Minister John Key has gone on the public relations offensive and insists he still enjoys his job despite a horrid few weeks.
Key, who arrived back from China over the weekend, was disappointed at having to field questions about the state of the country's intelligence agencies while abroad, and will outline plans to overhaul the sector. Criticisms over alleged illegal spying on New Zealanders and the appointment of a family friend to a top spy job stung because they tarnished his reputation, Mr Key told TVNZ's Q+A programme.

Key also said ‘That honest people have nothing to fear if the law is changed and gives the GCSB / SIS / Police the right to spy”, the older among us may recall the Nazi’s said the same thing and they finished up killing millions and millions.

The Government was last week forced to release a damning report by Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Kitteridge after Fairfax Media published its findings. The key word in that sentence is forced, without that revelation by a government employee; we still wouldn’t know that the GCSB / SIS / Police broke the law.

News Flash: Winston Peters NZ First leader supports John Key in the introduction of greater security powers including spying so maybe as the election gets closer good old Winnie will take his party in nationals direction.

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