Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Key and future possible management styles.

Two good mates have a chat with reporter. 

Are we in for a Dictatorship?

Why should we not presume that John Key plans a take over of New Zealand?

He could declare elections no longer necessary and simply rule by decree as per Fiji?

Now before you burst a valve and explode in righteous indignation at even the thought of a rightwing dictatorship in our so-called Pacific paradise …take a deep breath and relax, because while  you may have voted National all your life… and the closest we’ve ever got to a dictatorship thus far was during Robert Muldoon’s reign. Especially when he was half [or fully] drunk on full moon nights just before elections…

For an actual take over to occur certain circumstances must be overcome for it to be successful

One of the keys to declaring a dictatorship is to have control of and over

  • The military forces
  • The security organisations such as the SIS,
  • CCSB,
  • Police and
I might add private prisons could be a big help too.

  • Key has achieved part of the above by appointing his good mate Ian Fletcher head of the GCSB
  • And by appointing Lt Gen Sir Jerry Mateparae Governor General which he had to do to enable the appointment of Ian Fletcher.
 We should note: The Governor General Commands the Military Forces

Are we starting to see a pattern to Keys behaviour, sit back and relax with a cup of tea, stroke the cat, and think about what has been happening over the last few years?

  • Against advice: He authorised an interest free loan of 40 million dollars to private broadcasters: Result, Private media dependant on Government.

  • Against advice: He granted 56 million to Warner Brothers / Peter Jackson who he later knighted and changed the law to free Warner Brothers from paying existing wage rates and enable them to make workers contractors. Result overseas contractors dependant on government,

  • Making David Carter Speaker of the House could also be considered a step in the right direction of a dictatorship, remembering that parliament can declare elections invalid or even cancel them, by simple majority resolution of parliament and with both ACT and United Future linked so closely with and fully reliant on National handouts for their very existence any thing is possible.

All of the above has the makings of a new and exciting political novel on a grand scale, but as in the past often fiction comes to life…think of Spain, and Franco, think of Hitler and Germany even Bush and weapons of mass destruction, or Tony Blair and falsifying evidence, or Key and Kim Dotcom and the GCSB.

But coming back to earth…my feeling is that this disclosure of Key’s relationship with Ian Fletcher will have put a road block in the desired and planned path of John Key and his supporters.

Of course I don’t know how Key will react to the ever growing public suspicion of his ambitions and his manipulation of key positions, and those of his close supporters.

Don’t simply take my word, have a look at the various positions the Nats have been filling of late. They’ve stopped elections in Canterbury not once but twice…

While Key may be a born liar he is not a convincing liar because he has been caught out several times and simply can not handle the situation and has come to rely on other diversions to protect him.

The main stream media have given him a wonderful free ride, TV 1 has been silenced, TV 7 forced off air, but most importantly we the public are like wind up Hobbits and love having our ears rubbed as we drift off to sleep. But rust never sleeps...

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