Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dilemma for John Key

When is the right time to run a referendum, over Christmas, in the middle of school holidays, slap bang in the middle of a rugby world cup?

When the public signed the petition to instruct the government to hold a non-binding referendum on the National coalition Government policy of selling off our state assets, it caused a dilemma for John Key in particular.

Key had, during the 2011 general election made it clear that he intended to sell off state assets regardless of the public’s views on the issue. He sought a mandate via that election to forge ahead with the biggest sell off of public assets since the days of Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson during the mad rush into poverty back in the early eighties the era of neo-liberalism gone mad. 

This was the era when John Key money trader made his personal fortune by money manipulation and slight-of-hand deals.

Later as we are now all aware the plastic bubble burst and the Ponzi style deals came tumbling down around various nations’ ears, and millions of people lost their jobs, homes and retirement savings. Like all Ponzi schemes the last ones in, paid dearly as their money was swept up by the Ponzi designers, one of which was John Key. Those responsible for these now well recorded were bailed out by governments that were controlled by huge corporates and multi-billionaires using the excuse that they were too big to go bust.

Unfortunately for John Key but fortunately for the rest of the population there is no rugby world-cup due, but there are school holidays and Christmas looming so the government has decided to hold the required referendum during the November / December period. I’ve no doubt that the Coalition National government public relation strategists recognised the danger of holding the referendum at the same time as the next general election [which would be normal so as to keep costs down] was dangerous because polls have shown clearly that sixty percent plus are opposed to the asset sales.

Regardless, of the hugely and obvious manipulation, by the concerned national party with its political eye on the next election, they and their hungry corporate friends will mount a extremely costly campaign to sway voters to support the sell off. Expect to read of job loses, increase taxation and the sky falling-in as the campaign heats up.

We should encourage all our friends to vote to stop the asset sales. Go to the reference below to join up with a community based campaign to ensure success to protect those assets we have all already paid for. To pay twice for the same assets is stupid in both a financial and social sense.

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