Friday, 21 March 2014

Tricky Key practices old skills says Eavesdropper.

Latest Eavesdropper... Key and China

Wheeler’s Corner’s deeply embedded whistle blowing GCSB SIS agent ‘Eavesdropper’ who is touring China with the PM says “that this story from the Herald is simply crap of the highest order”. 

This from the NZ Herald…National’s Auckland advertising media…

“The Prime Minister's office is demanding a Chinese immigration agency remove a picture of John Key from its website, which appears to show he endorses the organisation.
The China-based agency's website said it had been working in New Zealand immigration for 10 years and claimed to have helped with 20,000 applications.
It prominently featured a large picture of Mr Key, his signature, and the words "recommended to you with sincerity by John Key".
Several other images of Mr Key with Chinese officials were on the site. The agency said it had a "fast government channel to reach New Zealand directly" and a strategic partnership with the New Zealand Government. "We promise you can to get your visa 100 per cent for certain," the website says. "We are the only authorised immigration agency in China that works only on New Zealand applications."
But New Zealand officials said the claims on the website were false.
A spokeswoman for Mr Key said he was not aware of the use of his picture.
"It is a completely unacceptable use of the Prime Minister's image and we will be writing to the website hosts insisting they remove this content."
The website's administrators, based in Shenzhen, did not respond to questions about the use of Mr Key's picture. Officials did not know how long it had been on the site. It is understood that it's not the first time Chinese websites have falsely claimed connections to Mr Key.
The agency claimed visa applications for New Zealand took just 60 days and that 100 per cent of them were successful. They went on to say…

“He has featured on the front page of the People's Daily and in articles by the state Xinhua News Agency, Beijing News and Shanghai Times.
Endorsement by high-ranking officials and individuals is extremely important to Chinese business”.
Herald report ends:

Wheeler’s Corner’s deeply embedded whistle blowing GCSB SIS agent ‘Eavesdropper’ who is touring China with the PM says “that this story from the Herald is simply crap of the highest order”.

Eavesdropper states that he was with the PM when he was asked to endorse various Chinese organisations. He, Key that is, was only too willing to allow his name to be used so long as certain commitments were given. Firstly that he could and would deny that he had given permission, and secondly that all donations to both he and Judith Collins be channeled through a specific trust being set up via his London account via the Royal Bank of Scotland, after his bonus had been removed this money would be transferred to a National Party account in the Cook Islands and from there to NZ.

Eavesdropper pointed out in his secret and coded report that Judith Collins very-very-very good friend Mr. Stone Shi, Oravida’s owner and John Keys good golfing buddy did all the donkey work in setting up the roundabout route of getting money from China to NZ and the new arrangement for converting Chinese cash in to NZ dollars that has been agreed between the PM and the Chinese communist dictatorship will help this process.

The other secret that is still to hit the media is that John Key is setting up a educational facility know as the ‘Chinese Communist Capitalist institution’ initially in Auckland and later in the Cayman Islands, whose major objective is to encourage as many Kiwi capitalists as possible to make an effort to understand just how good ‘communism as practiced by the Chinese’ is for budding capitalists. It has created a new a better pathway to super wealth. The latest rich list in both Russia and China proves beyond doubt that the manipulation of money from the people to individuals is a route to a growing number of multi-millionaires. And John Key should know because the Russian financial collapse and sell out experience led directly to his gathering of his private wealth.

Eavesdropper also issued a warning to all those who see The Chinese Communist route a pathway to wealth, the Dictatorship in China in the case of financial failure simply arrest and shoot those who fail and in their place simply pop in another so-called owner. In China the government owns all businesses, and Key supposedly believes in private enterprise…what key is actually doing in China is the exact opposite. Key has only one guideline, personal wealth…gained at others expense.     

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