Friday, 14 March 2014

Wee Judith will not be accompaning Key to China,

Step Daughter Judith C screams 'blue' murder because she wants grandad to take her with him on his upcoming trip to china later in the year... like he promised he would.

After all the subject of his visit is milk, and milk is her favorite drink especially one particular brand that grandad has said she is not allowed to talk about...which she doesn't understand because her uncle 'Stone' Shi paid more than fifty-five thousand big ones to grandad and his mob to help get him elected...and grandad is not short of a bob or two himself.

Uncle Cameron Slater, the mighty big oily whale, has promised to speak on her behalf now that she has had her facebook and Twitter page cancelled and can only use her 'I pad' under very close supervision by her Nanny.

Granddad has booked her into the [National Party] Charter School in Auckland known as the "Rags to Riches", for spoilt brats, its a specially designed self-disciplining educational centre and it specialises in developing punishments that don't actually punish programmes for the kids of the rich.

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