Friday, 7 March 2014

Donations bring rewards for some.

No Right Turn wrote this wee blog, the words may be few but the impact is absolutely devastating from a democratic perspective.

Something I missed: back in December, John Key appointed former Wellington city councillor Chris Parkin to the Tourism Board. Parkin is an ACT hack, but had been in the hotel industry, so he could be considered qualified, except for this: he's a big donor to the National Party. In 2011, he gave them $55,000 (the Herald can't count, and only reported $53,000); in 2012, he gave them another $16,850. 2013 returns aren't out yet, but they may make interesting reading too. While Parkin might be qualified, giving a government job to someone who has given your party over $70,000 looks unseemly at best - and outright corrupt at worst.
Posted by Idiot/Savant at 3/07/2014 12:21:00 AM. But wait there is more...

Do you remember a National Party MP named Nancy Wong? She was sacked because she had used government funding to push her husbands business interests while on an official visit to China. Well it just happens that Judith [Crusher] Collins a want-to-be National Party leader, friend and user of Cameron Slater’s ‘Whale-Oil’ blog site is also married to a business guy with a Chinese connections and Judith just like Nancy went off to China as a guest of the Chinese communist dictator and just happened to visit her husbands business and gave a glowing report on the product he pushes. Her trip was funded by the NZ Government led by, wait for it, Anti-communist freedom fighter John Key. ‘No right turn’ looked at this bit of skullduggery and here is what he wrote:

Back in 2008 when he was running for Prime Minister, John Key promised us "a higher standard of government". When tested, that promise has been shown to be hot air - and Judith Collins' conflict of interest over endorsing her husband's company (which is also a major donor to the National Party) is no exception. As predicted, he's refusing to turn over the "advice" from the Cabinet Office saying that its all OK - which means that we cannot see if that advice stacks up, or even if its real. And then there's this bit:
"We have a set of rules which are always just a guideline anyway."

"Just a guideline": this is how Key treats our constitution (and the Cabinet Manual is part of our constitution, setting out the processes and norms of Cabinet governance). "A higher standard of government… I think not.
Posted by Idiot/Savant at 3/07/2014 12:57:00 PM.

Cabinet rules clearly state:
That when accepting an invitation, a minister should inform the organisation that it may not use any photos taken of the minister at the event in a way that could be perceived as an endorsement by the minister."
Mark Hotchin.
Now ‘Orvadia's’ founder and chairman is Deyi Shi. He has played golf with Prime Minister John Key and goes by his English name, of Stone. He owns Auckland's most expensive house, the former Mark Hotchin [of Hanover finance fame and a con man of the highest order] mansion on Paritai Dr.

But Oravida's links with National go further. In 2011, it donated $56,000 towards the party's election war chest. Ms Collins says she did not know anything about that… Yeah Right.

So should we believe anything the PM or Judith Collins says about their dealings with a business named Oravida? The answer is no: One because one of its board members is the husband of Judith Collins and secondly because its owner is a golfing mate of one of the biggest financial rip-off artists still free in NZ. Oh a bit player by world standards but well up there in the Mark Hotchin range here in good old Hobbit land. And thirdly because they’ve gifted the National Party with tens of thousands of dollars, and they didn’t do that just because they were feeling kindly…they wanted something in return and they got it…and you and I are paying for it, after all Key has never spent his own money, he only spends others hard earned cash…after all that’s how you become rich.

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