Monday, 21 April 2014

Fishy money for Fishy Shane Jones…so much for honesty.

Wira Gardner.

It has just been reported that Jones has quit the Labour Party and joined the Nats....

Sir Wira Gardner, that ex-military man, anti-Bill Rowling fan…divorced and now married to National education whiz kid Hekia Parata, he also ran for National Party President but was soundly defeated now has a new role for the Nats…chief bribery officer. 
Among his target was good old adult video fan ‘Shane Jones’ famous for getting Parliamentary Services to pay for his adult viewing habits.

Now somehow Wira Gardner managed to convince his boss [John Key or Steven Joyce] to part with a thousand bucks to help Shane Jones win the labour party leadership…
Mr Jones revealed to the Herald that Sir Wira gave $1000 and NZ Oil and Gas board member Rodger Finlay also donated money to help the MP to pay for his campaign to win the Labour leadership last September. More interestingly, though, is that Jones was also funded by the oil industry:
  Hence Jones mouth started to move into rapid speed mode in condemning the Greens over their opposition to mining and drilling, so it would appear that Shane Jones will lean toward and speak for whoever pays the most. So it might be fair for us to consider that his entire verbal [under the cover of parliamentary privilege] ranting against Countdown, has been paid for by Food-Town’s competition.

It has been obvious for years that Shane Jones is perfect National Party material, his style and right wing beliefs clearly indicate his anti-worker behaviors. But I honestly believe that he would be better suited in the new ACT party. He could be the new censor of adult videos and under sized fish.

Seriously folks if overweight Sir Wira Gardner likes to give away a thousand bucks to an over-grown school boy playing politics, well that’s over to him, and who gives a hoot. After all the Chinese based companies seem to have pots of money to give to the Nats [Latest 57 thousand dollars for a game of golf with guess who [John Key]. And they in turn have money running out their ears when they raised 75 thousand dollars for the Maori Party. These days its hard to workout who is bribing who and even why.

Of course Shane Jones will tell you that it’s only Maori helping Maori, all I can say to that is “Yeah right”…

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