Sunday, 27 April 2014

Twelve rodents departing the sinking ship:

Key’s management style has always been… purchase what you need, bribe [$75.000 gift to Maori Party] rather than negotiate, and this is the style that he brought from his past bosses on Wall Street.

Have you ever heard of Josie Pagani? Heard her on TV or on Afternoons with Jim Mora? No, well she was a Labour Party Candidate for Rangitikei in 2011 and she failed badly, why because she was never really Labour, she was a Shane Jones brand of Labour and he was a Roger Douglas clone.
Later she got the brush-off from Labour and the name Pagani [of either] gender became a thing of the past. She was bitter, and that was evident for all to see.
So from that moment onward she became the darling of the right wing media team assembled over the last few years by the Nats PR spin team, she joined Shane Jones as someone to whom the media would go to get the comments they wanted to hear. She never disappointed them; she said what they wanted to hear. So don’t be surprised if the Nats offer her a job just as they did with Shane Jones. They could make her a spokesperson for stray cats, or wayward bunnies, she could with a little make-over become a star of Seven-Sharp on TV One joining up with bad mouth Mike Hoskins making super Nats inspired negative comments about David Cunliffe, Russell Norman, while bowing and scraping to John Key as he sells our independence and self-respect to the USA, which will in the end take us into a irreversible international conflict with China as the US prepares for armed conflict with China over its move into the Pacific region.
Why do you think our young men and women were sacrificed in Afghanistan and Iraq, it had nothing to do with fighting terrorism and all to do with appeasing the US.
Bomber on his blog site [TDB] wrote the following: 
How do the MSM get away with slurring all working class men as sexist and that be acceptable? How does a Fox News democrat like Josie Pagani, who only manages to get louder as she becomes more irrelevant, justify vandalising the Labour brand on TV for the same petty reasons that Jones did? And while we are on it, since when the hell was, wanting hungry children clothed, fed and educated akin to a ‘lurch to the left’?
There are those who remain true to some political principles and those who use the political scene as simply a chance to make some easy cash, the Shane Jones, Josie Pagani type fit this category, Labour under the control of Douglas, Prebble and others bred heaps of false representatives of working people. Two years ago the real working people in the Labour Party saw the light and like the Greens before them they reshaped the Labour Party into a more open and transparent political party. Yes the membership did this and from that moment on the Shane Jones, Josie Pagani types were gone, cast aside by the real movers, the membership.
The Greens and the Mana Movement already are open and transparent, the National Party has yet to undergo this revolutionary and openly democratic change from within, and their internal workings are still deeply embedded in secrecy and covertness. 
At this point twelve of their MPs have decided to leave…this is called revitalisation… yeah right…when in fact its rats departing a sinking ship…when added to the four or five other National MPs who have quit the scene for handpicked jobs from their mates or been sacked,  it is obvious that they too could see the writing on the wall. Let’s be honest, they brought John Banks, a accused fraudster and they kept Peter Dunne even after he leaked confidential information to a reporter from Fairfax media. And for that he got promoted, now how good is that. 
Who are the twelve rodents departing the sinking ship: Shane Ardern, Chris Auchinvole, John Hayes, Phil Heatley, Paul Hutchison, Colin King, Eric Roy, Tony Ryall, Chris Tremain, Tau Henare and Kate Wilkinson. Eight are electorate MP’s while four are List MP’s. A question worthy of answering by the main stream media is, where are the stories relating the mass departure of around 20% of sitting National Party MP’s… in any other country the media would be highlighting that fact but here in NZ the word is say nothing that could reveal the disenchantment that exists amongst the National Party and what is left of its supporters.    
Key’s management style has always been… purchase what you need, bribe [$75.000 gift to Maori Party] rather than negotiate, and this is the style that he brought from his past bosses on Wall Street. It has worked thus far. But maybe the public are waking up, look at Key’s mates, Whale Oil, Sky City, Hollywood crooks, the CIA, Obama and his Drones, Judith Collins and her Chinese business mates, Steven Joyce…
I think it’s time to change, it’s time to hope, it’s time to seriously consider whom you’ll vote for, and most importantly vote…because not voting is exactly what Key is relying on.   

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Gordon McShean said...

Thanks - this is most enlighting - and it makes the recent media comments that Key and National have increasing support from Kiwis all the more puzzling. If there is truth in what they say, one has to assume either 1) That the media is so corrupt it believes it can make up the news without any public accountablility, or 2) that New Zealanders' political judgement has been irrevocably damaged. Either one of these conclusions should be leading us to expect some depressing political outcome soon!