Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Honest Journalist fights for us...its true!

Jim Mora...Key's chief defender...

 Phil Wallington vs.
Jim Mora, Whale Oil [Slater] and John Key

Radio NZ’s Afternoons, Jim Mora on Tuesday [1st April 2014] was confronted with a journalist of the highest ethical standards Phil Wallington, and he simply couldn’t handle it, he was out of his depth.

Jim Mora is well known for his interviews with a whole bunch of right wing bloggers, journalists, commentators and national party hacks. He, at odd times, includes a guest who could be considered left in nature, but they are rare and if too out spoken rarely get a second invite.

Jim Mora’s well recognised slavish defence of PM John Key and any National cabinet minister is now so obvious that everyone except possibly Jim Mora himself is aware of his inbuilt and blatant right-wing bias. But on Tuesday he came up against a journalist unafraid of Jim’s bias. Phil in his defence of professional behaviour regarding the media and its obvious manipulation by political ‘sleaze bags’ was fantastic and sincere. His condemnation, of the Prime Ministers Office that was and is ‘dishing the out the dirt’ was wonderfully and powerfully put. And poor Jim Mora could do little more than remain silent…it was most enjoyable…

Have a listen to this very revealing ‘chat’ between Phil Wallington a highly respected news editor and the hapless Jim Mora a radio presenter [certainly not a journalist] on national radio. http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/2591037  It proves yet again that we need to be aware of the ever presence of media ‘Yes men and women’ who make a living out of pushing political clap-trap on behalf of rich idiots.

Sleaze ball Cameron Slater:
Listening to poor old Jim desperately attempting to shut Phil down, but knowing that Phil is fully aware of Jim’s style and ignores the heartfelt plea for silence from Jim and continues to paint a clear verbal picture of John Key dropping off CIA fed information received possibly via the GCSB or the SIS to Cameron Slater’s gutter-fed Whale Oil Blog site and that cubby David Farrar ex-national party hack at Kiwi Blog, one or both of them then sharing the same slime with TV 3’s Patrick Gower who like a child with a new toy runs wild at the mouth. Calling Patrick Gower a TV Journalist is an insult to the many hundreds of principled journalists working their guts out to produce journalism praiseworthy of the name. Fox media bribery has now fully embraced the slime covered gutter media. The Truth Newspaper may have finally died when Cameron Slater crawled away from it, but its stench still remains embedded in programmes like the Paul Henry Show, Seven Sharp, Patrick Gower, Whale Oil, Kiwi Blog, Bill Ralston etc.

But regardless Phil Wallington gives us reason for optimism, reason to believe that better days may once again display honesty and openness in the media world. 

Do your bit to enlighten our communities share this blog with your friends, listen to the short radio broadcast and have a chat about the issues it raises with your friends and family. http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/2591037

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