Monday, 14 April 2014

Five thousand dollar per seat Maori Party feed.

So the Maori Party is now fully embedded in National Party fund raising mode. This is where you get round the disclosure rules by selling a service rather than making an outright donation. The example of selling a munch up at the Northern [Gentlemen’s] Club at five thousand dollars per seat is so absolutely National that it is stunning that the Maori Party should have thought of it.

I’m sure they didn’t think about it at all, but that John Key and his team of big money movers did. And to make John Key the guest lead dinner speaker was absolutely stunning and stupid, I would not be surprised to find out that Judith Collins husband and his board chairman was also at the dinner to continuing to pump the PM’s ear about milk in China.

Of course the Maori party thought and no doubt John Key agreed to keep this totally stupid and idiotic scheme from the eyes of the public. And believe it or not but the main stream media failed to make this event public... it was left to the Maori Television's Native Affairs to expose this corrupt and shameless event of secretive manipulation…to the public.

No disclosure by Seven Sharp’s national mouth piece, or talk back radio, or by the Paul Henry show fronted by that ex-national failed candidate. 

Even the Manawatu Standard or the NZ Herald failed to reveal the real national party desperation in seeking some minor party support for national because they sure are not going to make fifty-one percent without some lap dog support party. 

Winston of course would want to be Deputy PM if New Zealand First gets over five percent. Can you imagine Winston and John Key as a management team?
Sadly Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples are both sailing off into the unknown and poor old worn-out Te Ururoa Flavell looks grim as he knows that Lawyer Annette Sykes will give him a real run for his [or John Keys] money. We all know that Te Ururoa Flavell has great difficulty in mastering the art of working with those of the female gender. 

Many commentators are predicting the election outcome and the 'I predict blog is suggesting that Mana could end up with three seats and that labour could take the remaining Maori seats. My own view is that that is not a bad prediction: Seriously folks think about it, with National running the Maori Party fund raising effort by making their leader the key note speaker, if you’ll excuse the pun, you’ll understand just how subservient the Maori Party has become to nationals crumbs falling from the table into their open mouths.

Maori voters are on the move, when the Mana Movement sought to hold discussions with the Maori Party they couldn’t even come up with a vague list of policies that could be discussed, it seemed as if they could only chat about things that John Key would agree to…John Key's options are growing smaller by the week and now that the Royal tea party has departed and John Banks trial and Kim Dotcoms case progresses and John Keys behaviour relating to the raid on Kim Dotcoms mansion in Keys stolen electorate comes under legal scrutiny we may all be in for a shock or two. 

But don’t expect the MSM to reveal all or carry out any investigative journalism. No the news with arrive via ‘Native Affairs’ via Maori TV and blog sites. The times are a changing and the National Party big time backers like the Chinese owners of exporting NZ based companies and their hanger on Kiwi mates like Judith Collins and such like know only too well that the day of reckoning is not far off. And I doubt if even another Christchurch earthquake will save them.  

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