Saturday, 16 May 2015

Key likes Capital Gains Tax and the Greens offer hope.

Today I received this by email from the Green Party, I read it a couple of times and realised that the Greens were on to something good. No matter from which angle I view it, it appeared to be a step in the right direction of helping those in great need and who have been generally forgotten.

Key has stated many times that he cares about hungry kids and those living below the poverty line, yet over the last six years he has done little or nothing to assist. 

He lowered tax for the wealthy and is still trying to work out how he will pay for that fool-hardy action. At the present time he is paying for it by having to borrow massive amounts from overseas financial markets…at the same time he increased GST which directly impacted on those in greatest need, this move was a complete back-flip on what he had promised before the election.

It was reported today that the National Party are now so frightened by the housing market bubble bursting, that they are going to introduce a ‘Capital gains tax’ of sorts in Thursdays budget, this is a stunning turn-around from the man who once said…”A capital gains tax…over my dead body”. 

It would appear that Key is on his last legs, the novelty of Prince Harry’s visit, a flying visit to the Saudi Kings Palace, the loss in Northland to Winston Peters is slowing down his brain and perhaps he is recognising that his neo-liberal Ponzi style day dream is just that…a dream, who knows? 

So read what the Greens have to say, think about it…is just possible that if we all are willing to think collectively both as communities and as a nation and put aside the neo-liberal nutty thinking, that we can actually assist where assistance is obviously needed.  

Kia ora Peter
I have some exciting news to share with you.
Today we announced a game-changing savings policy that will give every New Zealand child the start in life they need and deserve; it’s called Kids’ KiwiSaver.
Too many New Zealand families are struggling to save for their children’s futures. The Green Party wants to give you a hand so your children get a decent shot when they turn 18.
Kids’ KiwiSaver is an important step towards giving every kid the great start they deserve. Here’s how it works:
·        The Government will put $1,000 into a Kids’ KiwiSaver account for every child at birth (parents can choose to opt out).
·         Each child living below the poverty line will then get a Government top-up of $200 every year until they turn 18 and any contributions the family makes to their child’s future, up to $100 annually, will also be matched.
·        For all other families, annual contributions up to $200 will be matched by the Government.

With careful saving, our policy means children could have a minimum nest egg of $12,900 by the age of 18 that they can use to help fund tertiary education, invest in their adult KiwiSaver account, or use to help with a deposit on their first home.

I’m very proud of Kids’ KiwiSaver – it’s the kind of progressive policy you can expect to see more of from the Greens.

Metiria Turei
Green Party Co-leader

PS: You can find more of the ins and outs about Kids’ KiwiSaver on our website.

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