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Does Gender and weight count? You decide.

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46 12th November 2015

This week: 1. Does Gender and weight count? You decide.

The Government says it believes in equivalence, but does it? Based on its treatment of woman in the work force it would clearly give the impression that they are lying because National and some others are happy to see women paid less than men.
Yet female Members of Parliament, back bench or cabinet members, get the same pay as do male members. Why is this…is it because if they weren’t paid the same they may cross the floor, I think so. If I’m correct they get the same pay not because the men believe that they should but because they fear the back-lash?

We should all remember that the National party brought into the nuclear free concept not because they actually believe in the revolutionary policy but because the public as a whole ‘accepted’ this honorable and brave policy and behaviour.

The ‘Right wing’ of politics such as the National Party and its adopted brother ACT always has simply agreed with whatever the US sold them. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are clear example of NZ doing what it is told to do. The most up to date representation of this cowering behaviour is the TTPA deal being agreed to without even knowing what is involved. But since the High Court has agreed that women’s wages are unequal to men doing the same job and that this is against the equal pay act, the government has been forced to see the light, but not without a fight. At this moment they are considering if they will appeal the court ruling or do the honourable thing and fix the equal pay rip-off by increasing women’s pay. Women in many occupations are receiving up to twenty percent plus less than men doing the same jobs. This breach is growing each year. The present government [and a lot of local governments] plays this game of paying women less than men. Why because it is profitable.   

Jamie Whyte
You may not recall this strange fellow, he was for a short time leader of the now National Party clone [as it always was] the ACT party, and his name is Jamie Whyte.
This odd-ball gentleman once studied philosophy and linked it in to how one should live, their beliefs and other strange subjects. His latest rant was on Television where he suggested that if you are over-weight or obese, it’s your own fault or more importantly your parents fault. Now that got me thinking… What the odd Jamie Whyte also suggested was that people are fat because they eat too much, and that they should simply stop eating, for however long it takes, to get back to their normal weight. He felt that parents should not allow their families to eat fattening foods but should only eat good quality food. And if they don’t they should be made to pay…that’s real deep thinking.

Look at these three over weight National party womenfolk’ cabinet members. [Bennett, Parata and Collins] Based on what Whyte said these three have had very poor present day eating habits and shockingly poor parenting. They are most obviously and most certainly over weight and should therefor stop eating… It’s also strange for someone who believes that free choice about every-thing from taxation to state ownership of hospitals etc. now wants a nanny state for overweight individuals. Hence Jamie Whyte’s blaming of parents or even children for their eating habits. This sort of stupid crap leaves a sour taste if you’ll excuse the pun.

Of course Jerry Brownlee that wee chap from Christchurch is a wonderful and living example of self-control
Wee Jerry Brownlee
parental management. Can you imagine Jerry’s parents trying to control his eating some forty or fifty years ago…”Now look here Jerry, you’ve got to stop spending your pocket money on sweets and chocolate, pies and fish and chips” no doubt they pleaded with wee Jerry as a lad…but alas it would seem that they failed because Jerry is a dramatic example of bad eating habits that are continuing into his old age.

Fixing the problem of over-weight for those dependent on benefits to exist is simple, or so I’m told, but fixing it for the well-to-do is much more difficult, in fact it could be called undemocratic for the wealthy and yet its appropriate for the poor. Since the underprivileged for the most part don’t vote for the present government, who gives a hoot about their feelings.

How to cure the obesity problem according to Paula Bennett and Anne Tolley for those on benefits is obvious. Just:

·        Make all beneficiaries’ get below or at a normal weight ratio before paying them a benefit.
·        Make all beneficiaries’ supply a certified medical certificate from a private GP stating when they were last weighed and what their weight was.
·        If the above beneficiaries’ have children or are receiving an allowance on behalf of off-spring, they too [the offspring] must also be weighed on a weekly basis.
·        In special one-off cases over weight beneficiaries who fail to comply with these well intended rules will have their benefits cut at the rate of ten dollars per week per kilogram that they are in excess of their permitted weight level.
·        Or as a last resort the overheavy will receive a compulsory stomach pinning operation at a private hospital contracted by WINZ and paid for by weekly deduction from their benefit. [At the moment SERCO are being contracted to organise the operations in off-shore camps in Cambodia or Australia]  

In a press release the Senior Minister in charge of social welfare and zero state housing [Bill English] said;

“It is felt that these worthy processes will be good for the ongoing health of inferior beneficiaries of whom the WINZ staff care greatly about.
It was also considered introducing higher tax levels for overweight tax-payers, but since that could affect the income of the wealthy and would very hard to administer it will be delayed until sometime in the future.
It is planned to introduce these welfare measures under urgency just before Christmas 2016”.

Peter Dunne, National Party representative in United Future, stated “that while he thought that the purging methods were a little strong he in general terms agreed with the process”, because he always supports his bosses.

David Seymour, the sole National party representative running the ACT party, also agreed even though the concept of helping the failing poor goes against the grain, “But what else can I do he said if I want to stay in Parliament, seriously do you expect me to give up getting five hundred thousand dollars plus perks in three years while doing nothing other than what I’m told.

Now of course you won’t read about any of these subjects in your local main stream media because they are simply too busy taking photos of the All Blacks dressing rooms where Key seems to always be hanging around wanting to touch someone’s hair. Or they are too busy writing up social media stories of Max Key [John Key’s son] who wants to be a pop top DJ but they still avoid publishing stories about the adventures of Stephanie Key a daughter studying and working in the living art form area at a private Paris Academy specializing in body art forms or some such silly juvenile thing.
So now that every man and his dog have a fifty dollar All Black T shirt with the AIG logo along with the Silver Fern emblazoned upon it… [Made in Bangladesh for $1.10] and the Welcome home parade is over and those who have to work for a living are being laid off and as the unemployment statistics head rapidly toward 6% plus. I bid you farewell and wish you well for the future…cheers and all that stuff.     
Peter J Wheeler

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