Sunday, 15 November 2015

Paris pays the massive cost for US illegal behaviour.

Monday the 16th November 2014

Paris, murder and mayhem. A look at the what and why. Are we now as guilty as the US starting the conflict that created IS and its attack on the West?

Seventy years after the founding of the United Nations, armed conflict, especially US wars that violate the UN Charter, continue to plague the world. In 1945, the UN Charter was created "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war." It forbids the use of military force except in self-defense after an armed attack by another state or when approved by the Security Council. Yet the three most recent US presidents have violated that command.

Bush, Clinton and Obama Circumvent the UN
In October 2001, George W. Bush led the US to attack Afghanistan, even though Afghanistan had not attacked the United States on 9/11. Nineteen men, 15 of whom came from Saudi Arabia, committed a crime against humanity. Bush's invasion of Afghanistan did not constitute lawful self-defence and the Security Council did not approve the use of force. The US war on Afghanistan has replaced Vietnam as America's longest war.

Two years later, before he invaded Iraq and changed its regime, Bush tried mightily to secure the imprimatur of the Security Council. Although the council refused to authorize "Operation Iraqi Freedom," Bush cobbled together prior Security Council resolutions from the first Gulf War in an attempt to legitimize his illegitimate war. Bush's war on Iraq was a disastrous gift that keeps on giving. It has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, led to the rise of ISIS, and dangerously destabilized the region.

John Bolton, Bush's temporary UN ambassador (a recess appointment since the Senate would never have confirmed him) infamously declared, "There is no United Nations. There is an international community that occasionally can be led by the only real power left in the world, and that is the United States, when it suits our interest, and when we can get others to go along."
 Madeline Albright called the UN "a tool of American foreign policy." [From TRUTHOUT]

Life can only be understood backwards: but it must be lived forwards…Soren Kierkegaard.
Those words are so true, but unless we are willing to learn about what went on the past both good and bad, truth as opposed to lies, and facts as against PR spin how can we hope to make the right choices. Watch this video and observe the way a media which prides itself on presenting the ‘Truth’ as opposed to main stream media like Fox news in the US and TV3 here in NZ do the same.

What happened in Paris was wrong, is wrong, shocking and sickening…but you tell me that we should condemn what happened in Paris, and I agree. Yet we fail to condemn the mass murder in the illegal murderous invasion of Iraq, or the ordering by Obama of mass killing of innocent people by drone, which now runs into thousands.

Still as an independent nation we seem to willingly go along with the United States illegal invasions or interventions, therefore we are equally guilty of whatever crimes were and are being committed.

It most certainly appears that whatever the US wants us to do…we do…without question. While the US goes to war and murders or causes the deaths of thousands by air attack and arms and backs Israeli military as they suppress the Palestinian people by bombing them, beating them, stealing their homes and bombing their schools and hospitals, because the US lacks the guts to restrain the out of control Israeli war and death machine.

The USA’s illegal invasion of Iraq and the US military and financial support for only one group of Iraqis leads directly to the birth of what is now termed IS. Watch the video below and click back for the full video clip. It is most revealing…and directly assists in looking forward…for those with peace in mind.       


Peter J Wheeler

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the latest. It resonates with my thoughts to a very great degree.The strife in Paris looks most certainly to be as a result of French involvement in the action oust ISIS. Like it or not this country has an involvement, thanks to Kreyp’s blind allegiance to the Yanks. A similar attack in Auckland is an ever present possibility. You saw the fragmented response to Christchurch as a result of the Earthquakes. Would the response to a more deadly emergency in Auckland be any better organised? Not only Auckland of course but Wellington too could also find itself a target.

Through the years of the war in Iraq I kept up with the news and video clips on the Internet. Of particular interest was the sacking of Fallujah, There was a modicum of resistance. The Yanks went completely overboard, bombing and machine gunning everything and everyone in sight. I watched in horror the video clips that were available on the Internet. every where there were piles of bodies killed quite indiscriminately, for what just good reason? Then they wonder how it is that ISIS came into being and for what reason. My immediate thoughts are that it is retaliation for all the deaths and carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq. ISIS are people too who will be part of families, and with families of their own. Isn’t it entirely reasonable to expect they will try to avenge the needless killing of their own kind? For a long time I had a picture of an Iraqui grandfather holding his granddaughter of five or six, in his arms who had a foot blown off. What would your or my reaction be to such a scenario? Would we be looking kindly at the perpetrators, believing them to be our saviours and benefactors?

Our supposed friends in Israel after their years of trying to milk every ounce of sympathy from the rest of the world as a result of the holocaust have demonstrated by their actions they are simply no better than their former Nazl Captors, Probably much worse, if truth be known, given that most of their atrocities are being conducted in what the world supposes is ‘Peacetime’, against a people mostly unarmed or capable of effective retaliation. Truly the actions of a bully.

McCully, cosying up to Saudi Arabia is little better, given that Saudi Arabia is a totally repressive state given to beheadings and other abuses of its citizens. How did we become involved in the first place? A Free Trade Deal. What in? The steady supply of Dates? You possibly can recall the reasons why in 1973 this country shut down the exports of live animals to Middle East, brought about by the horrifying practices involved in their slaughter. Those exports may have stopped in this country, but continue from Australia with simply horrifying results for the animals involved. It’s almost as though those people are a race of sub-humans.

I view with a degree of concern the glee with which O’Barmy seems to be biting his hands, offering Obamerican assistance to the people of Paris. Given their past performances it will be another short cut to even bigger and longer sustained disaster. Prior to his election as President he was content to portray himself as some sort of religious fruitcake intent wholly and solely on the pursuit of peace. It seems not to be something in their DNA. I sent you something a little time ago that revisited the events of WWII, anf]d the actions of Eisenhower in subverting the requirements of the Geneva Convention as it applied to the treatment of Prisoners of war This seemed to me to be reminiscent Of Obamerica’s sidestepping of the United Nations as related in the article that was the subject of your latest blog.

Our enemy is pretty much within, and here is this country greasing up to it by all means possible.