Friday, 20 November 2015

Is military Drone use criminal

Bravery comes in many shapes and forms. The State and its secret agencies treat Whistle-blowers as traitors, when in fact based on democratic principles they are simply telling or revealing the truth…this of course correctly paints many of our so-called free world leaders as nothing more than cowards and murderers. 
After the Second World War the Nazi excuse of ‘I was simply obeying orders’ was declared by the US to be inadmissible, and so those accused of and found guilty of war crimes were executed.
Many young American service men and women today believe they have been put in the very same position in controlling drones to kill innocent people. This from Democracy Now:  

“Has the U.S. drone war "fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism and groups like ISIS"? That’s the conclusion of four former Air Force service members who are speaking out together for the first time. They’ve issued a letter to President Obama warning the U.S. drone program is one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism. They accuse the administration of lying about the effectiveness of the drone program, saying it is good at killing people—just not the right ones. The four drone war veterans risk prosecution by an administration that has been unprecedented in its targeting of government whistle-blowers.

These four young men are being extremely courageous in speaking out, because in the US and many in other countries like Israel etc. they put their life on the line for being honest.

The real problem for New Zealanders is that our Service men and women may be assisting in war crimes being committed based on the fact that they supply information and assistance to the US controllers of the Drone murder programme.

I doubt that Key, our Prime Minister would defend them, [Kiwi whistle-blowers] because he has developed a extremely submissive behaviour in relation to both the US and Australia leaders. His squirming behaviour of late confirms that fact.

Here are the top leadership in the US sitting and watching while US armed forces invade another countries air space and murder a foreign national. [In Pakistan], now days they simply use drones and flatten the whole building, killing not only the intended target but those civilians living nearby.  That to my mind is murder…but when you rule the world anything is possible. Put simply they kill/murder each week, about four times the number killed in the Paris bomb attacks.

So let us not forget that whatever crimes against humanity the Americans commit, we by supporting and abetting their criminal acts are guilty as well…and that’s a fact.  


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