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Our own Royal family buys fame.

Have the Key family become a ROYAL NZ family these days.

It’s astounding just what money coupled with undue influence can buy these days. You can take a talentless individual like the son of a weird behaving Prime Minister and turn him into a so-called DJ…this of course is the age of so-called celebrity pampering, where the media for solely commercial purposes writes fluff stories and publishes them as human interest items. This idiotic behaviour is now called fame for bucks in the language of media like Fox News and other crap media empires. In this age of feed the greed why do we accept such stupid and almost criminal behaviour as the normal?  

It is really hard to believe; that eighteen year old Max Key who stated on social media ‘that he wanted to be a disc jockey’ when he grew up…has had his dream come true:

Yes his Daddy purchased or got him a night time job with George FM Radio. And it would seem that Max’s rich daddy also brought his son protection of a special kind… It seems that no one who works for the station is allowed to comment about the inside appointment negatively.   

George FM have not only decided to give the pin up boy Max Key, a DJ slot, they have also gone as far as warning every other DJ at the station not to criticise the silver spooned one on social media or risk getting dumped…

Here is a picture of Max Key and his then girlfriend…notice her hair, long and very touchable I would think, seriously I would recommend that Max and his Mother should warn John to
stay well clear of that tantalising blond hair…we all know of John’s [illness] public fixation with long flowing strands of the hairy stuff especially when worn by teenaged [or younger] females. Max’s young female friend looks like a teenager don’t you think?

George FM warns DJs – bag your mates (including Max Key) and face the sack
George FM sent an email to its staff warning them not to criticise their colleagues or face being taken off air just days after the station hired Max Key as its new night time host.
Days after the announcement that the Prime Minister’s son would host George FM’s new night show “Key’d In”, a leaked email was posted on Twitter in which staff were warned to play nice.
No negativity towards the new roster would be tolerated and “anyone who cannot adhere to this requirement will be taken off air instantly”, the email said.

…it’s bad enough that Max Key gets to humblebrag his privilege through social media and epitomise all that is wrong with our shallow ‘celebrity’ culture but giving him a free pass so another commercial radio station can give the Keydashian brand even more leverage is eye rolling.
It’s not Max Key’s fault who his father is, but what Max Key does decide is how to use his wealth and position of power and to date in a land of widening inequality that decision has been to promote him.

Privilege never sounded so crass.

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Now we all and especially the media know about the close connection between the PM, Steven Joyce and MediaWorks NZ… Here is a taste of its failed history from Wikipedia:

“MediaWorks New Zealand is a New Zealand-based television, radio and interactive media company entirely owned by Oaktree Capital Management. It operates playout services from Auckland and Wellington studios via Kordia's microwave network for 3 News, TV3, and FOUR, ten national radio brands, eighteen websites and three locally operated radio stations.
In 2004, CanWest Global Communications combined television company TV3 Network Services and radio company RadioWorks to form the new MediaWorks Company. On 29 July 2004, 30% of this new company was sold on the NZSX. Three years later, in July 2007, CanWest sold its stake of the company to Ironbridge Capital, a group of Australian investors, who subsequently obtained the remaining 30% from other investors.[1] MediaWorks is significantly larger than any of its other investments.
In 2011, MediaWorks received a $43 million loan guarantee for the Government to renew its licenses until 2030.[2] The deal went against official advice, and then Communications Minister Steven Joyce was accused of having a conflict of interest as the past managing director of the company's RadioWorks division[3] The loan was described by AUT's Centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy as a form of corporate welfare,[4] and was criticised by blogger Sarah Miles as a case of Government interference in the media.[5] Radio Bay of Plenty secured commercial loans, The Radio Network covered its own costs, and Rhema Broadcasting Group covered the cost with no interest loans.[6]
In June 2013, with over NZ$700 million in debt, MediaWorks NZ was put into receivership.[7] It came out of receivership in November 2013. In August 2014, Mark Weldon was appointed CEO, replacing Susan Turner who had resigned in July 2014.[8]
On 29 April 2015, Oaktree Capital Management took a 77.8% controlling interest in the business.[9]
Mark Weldon failed TV3 Boss.

The media and many other people in the wider media / PR business are well aware of the close friendship between Mark Weldon the CEO and the PM. It is well known that Mark Weldon played a huge part in getting John Campbell removed from TV3 because of his very strong and very journalistic and professional questing of the PM, especially relating to the handling of the GCSB illegal handing of the Kim Dot-Com raid carried out on behalf of the CIA / FBI etc.

Without a doubt Mark Weldon owned Key a favour or two…I would suggest the getting rid of John Campbell was one favour and that getting Max a job was the second…and of course the no negative comments about Max or his dad simply follows the creepy behaviour of MediaWorks since receiving its ill-conceived gift loan, and becoming a soft no negative comment media source for the National Party. It is actually extremely arrogant behaviour to openly buy favours such as Key does; he has a history of this dominating overbearing behaviour as many in the Auckland division of the National Party can attest.

To support this view has been the downward trend in NZ’s position on the corruption chart, no doubt brought about by the deals done with MediaWorks, Hollywood [Peter Jackson], Sky City casino deal, and the latest Saudi farm sheep bribery deal, now called a facilitation arrangement, that I would suggest is like calling John Banks honest or Judith Collins trustworthy…
Still we cannot blame Max Key for taking advantage of his manipulating father after all this style behaviour is now normal practice for money manipulators better known as an silent assassin once employed by failed US money movers like Merrill Lynch who are constantly bailed out by tax payers.

This year is going to be an interesting year in the Key family saga of DJ-ing in NZ and body art work in Paris and Keys possible move to the US…we can but wish that he quickly achieves his goal before he does too much damage to our Kiwi society.

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