Friday, 26 February 2016

Our new royals need a new flag...

 Are you going to give them one...
[Pictured L to R]; Queen Bronagh, Princess Stephanie, King John and wee Prince Max.  
Are they possibly New Zealand’s new Royal Family?

They maintain palaces in Auckland and Hawaii and are supplied with a State Palace in Wellington New Zealand.

The family is supported by state funding for all expenses and living costs, Princess Stephanie is also supported at a private art academy in Paris where she lives under a different name.

Prince Max has been financed into the MediaWorks network [Radio and TV private company] as a Disc Jockey style position, and is protected from work or public criticism by the company who have warned staff that no criticism of his appointment will be allowed and that if this instruction is not followed dismissal could follow. PS the English Princes at least do real jobs like in the military but in NZ we prefer strange sorts of jobs for our newly appointed royal children [Body artist and junior DJ]
This photo shows [From left to right] wee Prince Max, Queen Bronagh, body artist Princess Stephanie and ‘derivatives’ King John on the night of his election as the New Zealand Prime Minister [2008].

It was after this election victory that King John decided to cement his reign into the fabric of future New Zealand society by introducing a new flag, one that would introduce his commercial [Some would say comical] designed logo fashioned National flag.

While past New Zealand Prime Ministers are fondly remembered for introducing various socially progressive changes to our nation for example Richard Seddon gave us the women’s vote [a world first], Micky Savage and his progressive team introduced Universal Social Welfare /Health / Education system, Norman Kirk introduced improved worker rights, David Lange shocked the world with his anti-nuclear policy.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes
While no National Party leader can be credited with introducing real and lasting progressive change to New Zealand’s society…but yet Key sees his PR act of changing of the flag design as a defining and heroic and dynamic super-human effort on his part. In his view it’s every bit as heroic and brave as the thousands of men and women who went to war in 1914 and 1935. The flag change will be his way of being remembered, our flag could be known as the Key flag... I can just see Mike Hosking and Paul Henry dripping with creepiness should key succeed in getting a change of flag… Watch this absolutely brilliant five minute speech by the Green Party MP Gareth Hughes; it says it all in language suitable for all ears. It states the truth that many don’t want to hear           

Now of course I was just taking the micky regarding the Key royal family bit, you cannot blame Stephanie or Max for being the children of John and Bronagh, children don’t get to pick their parents…but we need to remember that all behaviour is learned behaviour and we all are aware that parents are a huge influence of the learned behaviour of their off-spring.

I mean seriously folks this change of flag is all a diversion from much bigger issues like the growing numbers of children going hungry, the rise of the GCSB, the squirming up to the US via the TPPA fiasco, the collapsing nature of the Dairy industry, and the bribing of Saudi millionaires who behead, murder and even crucify their citizens…plus lash woman for being raped…because they [The Saudis] are now our new close friends.

So make sure you vote to keep the flag we have…let’s not create a false legacy for Key to take with him when he moves to US or is dumped sometime in the future. And after all he he just loves the Queen and all that Royal Family stuff, after all he brought back knighthoods and all that I find it really hard to believe anything he says...

Have a good weekend...    

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why is New Zealand Prime Minister HOISTING THE WHITE FEATHER????

surely we haven't SURRENDERED AS YET???????????

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