Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mike Hosking exposed as an egotistical dummy.

Is this man an idiot or what?
Mike Hosking appears on TV Ones Seven Sharp and morning radio.
He is famous, or infamous, for his egotistical opinions on almost any subject especial those relating to John Key, money, and any other matter that takes his deep seated and ingrained prejudged points of view and can be used to justify his strange comic book intellectual wonderland.

He doesn't report the news because he is not a actual qualified journalist of any-sort and clearly journalism is not his expertise area. In fact it is absolutely unclear just what his area of expertise is.

Put simply Michael Noel James "Mike" Hosking  (born 1965) is a fifty plus year old media hair gelled creation whose personality is so disjointed that he says various and many stupid things so to maintain an impression of so-called intelligence and grown-up conversational ability...but the reality is that he simply uses the main chance to rip-off those willing to pay for his almost non-productive prattle like for example his 'pushing Sky-City case for ripping off the public of NZ as they set up the biggest NZ location for illegal money laundering ever.

In the statement above [about solo mums] Hosking pretends be an expert at understanding the cost of having a child [or two], because he did just that with his first wife...and then later undertook the role of step-fathering a further three children after his divorce and remarriage.

But sometimes his tongue gets ahead of his brain...during one of his endless rants he got stuck into solo mums and strongly suggested [as many thoughtless idiots do] that solo mums should know better. If you can't afford to be a mother why have a child he if you are rich or have a daddy that's rich, it’s OK...but if you are poor...then get a grip and make sure you use a is that for deep-seated self-educationally taught wisdom from a radio station guru who seems to believe that men have nothing to do with creating babies.

Of course at no time did he talk about his good buddy John Key who was brought-up by a solo mum on a solo mums benefit, living in a State House, or the fact that John Key got a two year stint at university to graduate as a not highly qualified accountant without parting with a cent. And who now days suggests that kids are in poverty because their parents are druggies and such like…and that poverty is a life style choice. You can have a quick look at Hosking’s back ground by going to:

You'll find it most interesting…I was attempting to put together some of Mike Hosking famous rants…but many of them are so childish and stupid that I thought it would unfair to submit you to the agony…But then I remembered Radio Hauraki extremely talented Jeremy Wells brilliant take off of Mike Hosking and his rants.     

The first is his take on Hoskings mad rant on Waitangi Day:

The second is his version of Hosking’s take on having a good Christmas:

The next is where he offers Hosking view on the TPP:

And the last covers the area of ‘hard work’ by a ranting Mike who doesn’t know what the words hard work actually means.

I hope this style of learning about a 50 year old, twice married, father of two and step father of three, unintelligent blood-sucking leech and taker of cash from outfits like, Sky City will encourage all thinking people into more socially aware behaviours and professions such as real journalism and especially investigative journalism that informs rather than insults the intelligence of our New Zealand population.


Anonymous said...


The kindest thing you can do for a slob like Hosking is simply to ignore him and hope he goes away.
I make a point of changing channels when 7 Sharp comes up If everyone of like mind to you and I,
did the same the ratings would drop and he would be history overnight!


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