Thursday, 18 February 2016

Key waves white flag yet again.

No guts Key does his usual and caves in to and kisses the backside of his old financial Ponzi buddy Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, the guy who sends kids into internment camps in Nauru and pays off people smugglers to dump their cargoes at sea. 

Turnbull is but, the latest leader of one of the world’s most racist governments. It’s bad enough that he [Key] creeps into the All Blacks dressing room to kiss ass, but to do it with the racist and bigot style Australian kangaroo government is an insult to all right thinking Kiwi adults.

As is pointed out in the blog below from ‘No Right Turn’, key has yet again decided to look after a few rich, while doing his normal waving of the 'white' flag for the bulk of Kiwi’s living in Australia. 

And our local media clowns traveling with him try to paint his behaviour as a success...TV One especially.

Speaking for myself, I for the life of me can’t understand why anyone would want to be a citizen of Australia, which is turning or already has turned into an absolute international disgrace. It has become a white faced, anti-humanitarian, pro-male sexist, racist collection of ex-crims and convicts exported there from the British Isles and other collapsed societies from Eastern Europe and other long forgotten past empires. 

Seriously folks, listen to 'Donald Trump' and then listen to today's Australian politicians and explain how they differ… Trump wants to build a wall…the Australians have already built one! Trump wants to ban Arabs, Australia already bans Kiwis and has already considered in law that Aborigines have no rights and in fact don’t exist…in fact they are not even allowed to use their own language in parliament…beat that for being racist. In fact one could say that Trump is an intelligent living human blob when compared to the average Australian [and it would seem] Kiwi Prime Minister…here is the blog by NRT…     

John Key is in Australia, and the Herald is trumpeting the "deal" he's made to allow kiwis there a pathway to citizenship. Except when you look at it, its not that good a deal:
Thousands of Kiwis who arrived in Australia after it tightened its immigration rules in 2001 will now be given an easier path to seek Australian citizenship under certain conditions.

If they earned A$53,000 over five consecutive years ($57,000) between 2001 and today, they will eventually be able to apply for permanent residence and eventually apply for citizenship.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good time series of Australian median earnings, but you can get an idea of the problem by looking at household incomes and wages. On household earnings, Key's deal would exclude anyone living in the bottom 30% of households, and a lot more in higher percentiles if they are in two-income households (see table 1.2, income per week at top of selected percentiles). On wages, the threshold is set just below the 2012 average wage (which remember will be much higher than the median) - but significantly higher than the average earnings for women. So, basically, Australia will only welcome you if you're rich and male. If you're poor, or a woman who took time out of the workforce to raise a family, or if you moved to Australia as a child and haven't entered the workforce yet, you're shit out of luck, there's no possibility of citizenship or residency for you, and you're under permanent threat of deportation.

But hey, Key gets to announce another fabulous "deal" (like the TPPA, remember how great that was?), while Australia gets to keep a captive workforce of kiwi peons with no rights. Everyone's a winner! Except kiwis in Australia, who needed our government to actually stick up for them”. Blog ends.

Have a good weekend and let’s hope that the Black Caps do well in the 2nd Test in Christchurch…
I have just received this: 

The Prime Minister will comply with an ombudsman recommendation and release a text message he received from gossip columnist Rachel Glucina, he says.

The message is related to the much-publicised incident where John Key admitted he repeatedly pulled at a waitress's ponytail.
"I received an unsolicited text from a journalist, I didn't respond to that, I just simply left it and that was the end of it," he said.
"So there was no preceding conversations or discussion or anything else. I simply got it out-of-the-blue and I left it."
NewsHub has reported that the text message says: "Just interviewed the waitress. Piece of work! Massive political agenda" - Ms Glucina works for Mediaworks, the company that owns NewsHub.

Mr Key initially refused to release the message but has now said he will following an ombudsman recommendation.
"We've always worked on the principal that there is communication with journalists and actually we like to protect that if you like, in the nature of the way that journalists protect their own source," he said. [If you believe that, then you'll believe anything]

Mr Key has not said what was in the text message but would release it once all parties were notified.
The ombudsman was notified after an Official Information Act request by a blogger on No Right Turn failed to have the message released.

So yet again the PM has been caught out...telling each day passes Dirty Politics is proving more and more regard to Keys inability to be honest and to stop using black-ops style manipulation of the truth. 

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