Friday, 21 October 2016

Government Lies and Media Appeasement astounds.

This blog looks at two of the latest lies spun by the government for political ends…this behaviour of misinformation and propaganda has become common place today.
It represents a new low for the standard of both government and media behaviour here in New Zealand. It appears that our population is willing to accept a standard of journalism that is equal to if not worse than the scandal rags of the USA Australia and the UK  

The latest big lie is from the lips of John Key, for it would appear that he knows the state of family affairs of Hekia Parata better that she does. This in itself is not unusual because if you recall he understood the reaction of young woman whose pony tail he attacked a number of time [up to ten] even after she and his wife ordered him not to do so.

So, while not in the same league as Donald Trump’s pussy touching etc. It’s close enough to warrant careful watching for future consideration…his love of All Black dressing rooms must also lead to serious consideration of Mr Keys leanings. OK lets now look at his latest Faux par excellence:
Hekia Parata
1.     Education Minister Hekia Parata says the Prime Minister’s suggestion that her husband’s ill-health played a part in her shock decision to retire from politics is wrong.
Parata is married to Sir Wira Gardiner, former director of the Waitangi Tribunal, with whom she has two daughters of university age.
This morning, Key told More FM that Sir Wira’s ill-health may have played a role in Parata’s decision – contradicting Parata, who yesterday said she and her close family were in good health.
As was first pointed exclusively out by The Daily Blog, the reason why Hekia and Key are at odds over why she will resign is because Key publicly needs the reason to be her husband’s health, and not the real reason.
National are eyeing up the possibility of a fourth term with real hunger. The privatisation agenda that has been implemented within social services will take on a whole new level if they get re-elected. They are eying up radical changes within education that were so extreme Hekia couldn’t contemplate trying to force them through. Watch for David Seymour to become the next Education Minister if National wins in 2017.
2. Let us now look at a second issue where the lies being told are far more serious [Well the young woman with the pony tail might disagree] because these lies could lead to both our military and political leaders being considered mass murderers on the world stage. The reason in my view for the government taking this line is obvious: Appeasement.
When Hillary Clinton and Obama declared the Russian bombing in Syria criminal [NZ supported that view in the UN.] we were assisting the US in bombing in Iraq and indirectly the Saudi and Americans bombing in Yemen where they are killing thousands.

We have known for some time that John Key has not been truthful to NZers about the true involvement of SAS forces in Iraq.
The pretence has been we are training/guarding trainers. Protecting trainers and training people sounds nice to middle NZ. The reality however is far more grim
It’s apparently a pack of lies…
Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee has denied claims in international media that New Zealand special forces are calling in airstrikes in northern Iraq, “or involved in any other combat operations” in the country.
The Guardian is reporting: “British, Australian and New Zealand SAS are all active in northern Iraq, along with US forces, where they have been calling in airstrikes to support both Kurdish and Iraqi advances. Their role at the front line has not been well documented, however.”
However a spokesperson for Brownlee released a statement saying: “I am not going to discuss operational details, however it is incorrect to say we have SAS calling in air strikes, or involved in any other combat operations in Iraq.
“As the Prime Minister has said publicly the Government has ruled out sending SAS, or any troops into combat roles in Iraq.
“We have also been clear that special forces could be deployed for short periods – for example, to provide advice on issues like force protection or to help with high profile visits, as they have many time before.”
…that loophole allows anything and of course this has been released while it’s a Friday before a long weekend so absolutely no one is going to be even remotely aware that NZ SAS are helping guide in air strikes. So have we been involved in any of the air strikes that have killed civilians?
Are our troops committing war crimes?
Who are we hitting?
Why has the Government lied?
Why is this being released on a bloody Friday before Labour weekend?
Is there a sick juxtaposition between NZers basking at the bach on the beach feeling good in the Sun and our country secretly bombing people in a war we aren’t even informed of?
The term Sleepy Hobbits just doesn’t even begin to actually cover what we’ve become. Comatose Hobbits seems far closer to the actual truth.
Earlier this year, I asked award winning journalist Jon Stephenson on Waatea 5th Estate if our soldiers were involved in targeting for air and drone strikes and he said based on the level of deception in Afghanistan yes we were.
It’s not the first time the NZDF and the Government have manipulated our media – there is an incredibly long history of them doing this in NZ!
This is beyond a joke.
We need a new media folks. We were talking about this 6 months ago. The Daily Blog is a amateur blogger site, and I say amateur because we barely cover the costs and time we sink into this site to critique the mainstream media.
We need to be fully funded, so this is my decision and plan for you all to think about over Labour Weekend. I am keen to talk to any of our readers about setting up an online crowd funding venture to take TDB to the next level so that in 2017 we actually have a media outlet that is challenging this current level of pro Government propaganda.
If you are interested, contact me on our contact links (they have been rest so you can use them far easier). I can’t believe that we are only getting this into the mainstream now, we can’t rely on a media who think Paul Holmes flirting with an Actress from Sex in the City is anything other than grotesque.
We have the highest suicide rates, 1 in every 100 NZers is homeless, there is a housing crisis and inequality is growing. The Canary in the UK has managed to step up – we need to as well. With the Newspaper monopoly coming, it’s only going to get worse.
Have a great Labour Weekend – but if this touches a nerve, contact me and let’s work to build something else.

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