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The British Empire was not founded on peace and good will.

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  44 27th October 2016

 1. Hobson’s Pledge latest member Don Esslemont has had his money contribution acknowledged…So he will be helping fund any political party / person / thing they can find to support their yet again campaign to put Maori in their place.

The search is underway, so far the far right ACT party don’t want a bar of it, right-wing National feels the same, NZ First remembers when it held a few Maori seats so it too steers well clear of the Hobson’s Pledge gang.

Naturally the Greens and Labour find it all Ho-hum after reading the names of the founding members. I wondered what had happened to the bunch of ex-Nats, ex-Act party hacks like Allan Titford, Vincent Grey, Elizabeth Rata and maybe even Steven Franks.

Have they decided not to support Don Brash’s reincarnation? What really gets the mind active as to what they’ll come up with now that Don Brash has brought into the mix David Round, John Bell, Mike Butler and Mike McVicker and you really have to wonder if the earlier crowd has seen the light? The original mob were odd balls, Titford for example may still be in jail for all I know.

The logic behind the movement is weird and really strange because Don Esslemont along with other misguided individuals considers that Maori don’t exist! Really!

Their theory is that because there are no FULL BLOODED Maori left in NZ, or anywhere for that matter, we should cease to recognise the treaty we signed up to. But they are not anti-Maori, they even tell us that Maori belong to their group…as Don Esslemont would say…part-Maori…

They can’t have it both ways… It says more about their utter confusion and childlike behaviour than anything else. I wonder if all the young people in the PR picture have signed up with Hobsons Pledge. I doubt it because they don’t live here, they live in the US. And we all know the way they treat their African Americans and Native Americans. “It’s One law for all” they say…yeah right. Tell that to the US police forces.

I think Don Esslemont likes to belong to groups such as these because it gives him a sense of belonging…and being a self-proclaimed academic of sorts, not a qualified one, but an imagined one, but most of all it gives him [and others] a sense of importance as they pretend that their forbears were somehow honourable people.

Still that is his right and I would fight for his right to protest for his strange moral beliefs. No doubt he will organise and lead a protest march around the Square here in Palmerston North by the thousands who belong to Hobson’s Pledge. Now let’s return to reality and the real world here in New Zealand. 

Now let’s have a look at the lead character in the wonderful and meaningful cartoon below, he is very real and exists to this day: In this city and everywhere, this is absolutely the character that’s visible in our communities.
Governor Hobson said ‘We are all one people’ but he never really meant it as history proves. Just as the brits said they loved the Africans, the Indians of India, the Aborigines’ of Australia and Malaya etc.

Hobson was a product of his period. The brits didn’t even love their own people, they shipped them off shore or hung them for stealing a loaf of bread, they murdered the Irish and the Scots, while pretending to love their German bred so-called royal family. It was a very cruel world back then. The only way to beat them back then was to kick the brits in the arse, the American settlers did it, the Maori did it which led to the treaty, the Aborigines failed and were slaughtered in their thousands, the Irish gave the Poms a real whipping and the Indians in India did it later by non-violent means.

The British Empire was not founded on peace and good will. It was based as are most empires on power and cruelty, absolute corruption and treachery. We in New Zealand have a chance to lead the world in healing the wounds we caused to our indigenous people, to fix the wrongs and importantly to share the power. The secret is the process and the desired outcomes:

The Treaty in 1840 was the first step, the formalising of the treaty by the introduction of the Waitangi Tribunal process which was the ways and means for correcting the wrongs and starting the process of returning land appropriated to its rightful owners.

Other countries have tackled this change in different ways many have used violence to force the colonialists out, the British Empire slowly but surely collapsed as did the French, Dutch, German and Russian Empires.

The present US Empire too is facing collapse under the weight of its own lies and the treatment it dishes out to Black African Americans and those who have fought its wars in Vietnam and the Middle East and are now sleeping on the streets, when the richest country in the world, has the greatest poverty per head of population in the world you know something is wrong, when it becomes the most imprisoned this is simply another indicator. But more recently when the people of the US have to choose between Trump the idiot or Clinton the murderer, at least those who are allowed to vote have…I know it’s too late for democracy as we understand it for it has been appropriated by the few…and the remainder are slaves by other new names, workers the poor etc.         
2. The people of the US seem to be among the most ignorant societies in the world, even with the latest technologies available they can’t find a way to break free from the grip and rigid control of those with money who control the main stream media.  

Both Republicans and Democrats are devoid of actual democracy that can actually allow people to have a choice. You may not realise it but the crowd who owns the rights to run the presidential addresses on TV is a privately owned Company owned by the Republican and Democratic parties…

Yes its true they’ve privatised the electioneering process. It’s so bad that Hillary Clinton ordered the media, and they obeyed, to tell lies about Bernie Sanders…Now Donald Trump’s latest rant is that he won’t accept the result unless he wins…

What’s he going to do, tell his mates in the KKK and the American Gun Association to go to war and take over the white house…get the twenty plus gun happy generals to call out the troops?
Peter J Wheeler

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