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Are NZ Police becoming trigger happy.

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17  15th April 2018

1. It would appear that my worst predictions about the latest Police fatal shooting are coming true…go to to see what I said. Then go to: to read the latest update.
Jerrim Toms, victim of police shooting:
Note especially the predicted time frame relating to the police investigation, the family has been told that they will have to wait six months at a minimum and possibly up to two years to get final closure. The interview by Radio NZ clearly indicates this time frame is possible.

Now what do you think of the Polices ability to conduct an investigation in to a fatal shooting, is it too bloody slow, for both the victim and his family. My own view is that the police need to get their act together. Still I suppose since it takes the Military ten years to be brought to account, that the police taking only two years is something we should be grateful for…yea-right..

The information that the police fired 12 shots, of which four hit their target, and don’t forget they were all fired at a really very close range simply proves the point about police ability with fire arms.
The police at this point in time appear to have ignored the fact that tasers are now in common use…but were not used and at this point in time and the police are not willing to explain why they were not used.

This should also worry the general public. We need to pull our heads out of the sand and look at the reality of police behaviour. If we can’t trust our police to use minimum rather than shooting eagerly without due care, who the hell can we trust?

There are mistakes and then there are big mistakes and these big mistakes are growing in number and our MSM should be seeking answers but alas it would seem that they brush lightly over police behaviour and instead give lots of space to petty crime committed by the public. Where are, our investigative journalist’s these days?

It would appear that the police have heaps of legal processes that they can use to delay making public their in-house findings. They tell us it’s to protect the family but the real question is whose family?

For a clear picture of what the police victim was like go to: It also casts strong doubts on the so-called weapon involved…more weapons of mass destruction bulls..t, Oh dear me, it’s sad really when the police need to revert to gross manipulation [possibly] in an effort to protect themselves from adverse public opinion.

We are all meant to be responsible for our own behaviour, but are some protected from this rule of thumb, can some of our citizens ignore these fundamental rules of life?  Protecting the public is the role of a police force, and word 'public' means all of us. The fit and mentally well as well as those with a mental illness. 

We read daily of the behaviour of American policing where specific groups seem to get shot  based more on their colour than their 'so-called' crimes. Are we too now headed down this very same path? For it would seem that you are eight times more likely to be harmed or even killed by your own police that you are by a terrorist here in NZ. 

I hope that this trend is not true, but we should not just ignore the trend, we should work toward controlling our shoot first and think later attitudes. We also should review our definition hero, not all police are heroes, some are that's for sure, but others well lets say that they don't fit that mode. We need to sort out the chaff from the wheat. 

All eyes are now on the US attack on Syria, you know to protect the innocent we bomb them out of existence in the name of peace and neoliberalism. So much for justice, if only we would practice what we preach. 

Peter J Wheeler

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