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Getting the facts on Police Shootings

Wheeler’s Corner [Police killing gets hushed up]
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 14 3rd April 2018

After reading the above, ask your-self the question, “Why should the police with-hold the name of the person shot, could the real reason be because he was shot by a policeman or woman?

Now let’s look at the behaviour of the police after the first police contact with the very latest victim of a POLICE shooting:

“Shortly afterward, a rural police officer noticed a car parked at the side of the road with its hazard lights on near Topuni on the Hibiscus Coast.
The officer pulled in behind the car, but it quickly drove off, before stopping again.
The driver then got out of his vehicle and came around to the driver's door of the police car, "wielding a machete and threatening the officer", Penny said.
[Note the Police never shot their victim at that point]

The man got back in his car and headed south on State Highway 1 towards Puhoi, driving at speeds of up to 150kmh, at times with its lights off, she said.

It was spiked near Mahurangi West Rd about 3.50am.

"The first officers got out of their patrol car and the driver from the other car came towards them with a machete," Penny said.
"It is at this point that police fired shots." But she didn’t say he attacked them [The armed police…] why didn’t they [The Policemen] stay in their car? Did they fully intend to shoot the person holding the machete? Did they plan this reaction before they arrived at the scene where his car had been brought to a halt? Did they set the spikes, did they discuss a strategy.  

Do they [the police] believe Garth McVicar’s [SST] rule of thumb? “Shoot the bastard, one less prisoner to look after”, I’m sure that most policemen and women don’t buy into McVicar’s crap, at least I hope so.   

Now using the standard police procedure, we are told that so as to help the victims family come to grips with the fact that the Police shot and killed a member of their family, all details as such [The deceased name, the names of the police officers, or how many shots were fired. The type of weapons used…Now to put this common police behaviour in to perspective in this day and age. The police seem to be able to always delay releasing vital information while they create some wriggle space to justify their [possibly incorrect or even illegal] behaviour.

Read this report on police shootings and its rapid growth here in NZ,

Is it not about time we the public started to ask the hard questions about the rapid growth of police shootings, the planting of evidence, and the wrongful prosecution of individuals for crimes the police knew they did not commit. In the words of The Daily Blog:

Another Police shooting…
Police said the man approached officers with a weapon on State Highway 1, near Pohuehue.
They provided immediate first aid but the man died at the scene from his injuries.
More information would be provided at a news conference this afternoon, police said.
The Police Association said its priority at this time was to look after its members.
…and the stock standard response:
·        Police did nothing wrong
·        ‘suspected weapon’
·        shooting victim had it coming
·        Police demand to have more guns
·        no comment until after reports
·        reports always damning
·        media have lost interest in story by then
·        untrained alpha Police shoot another person
…repeat again and again and again. Welcome to NZ

Here are some questions worthy of consideration:
Why are our police looking more and more like Soldiers?
Why are we failing to punish policemen who plant evidence, or who lie in courts, How come no Policemen or women get found guilty of crimes against the public? Are all police personnel saints?

Speaking of police defending themselves…The Daily Blog published the following:

Remember the argument the NZ Police used to gain access to Tasers? Its better someone gets tasered than get shot.
So as another Police shooting occurs against a background of Police shootings in NZ that are highly questionable, we are being asked to accept that pre-warned Police chose to engage with a man who had a machete without Tasers?
Do we have a trigger happy police force that uses noncompliance as the threshold to use guns? I certainly believe we do.
These are trained Police Officers who have belt access to tasers, the guns are locked in the boot. We are being asked to believe the Police had the time to stop the car, open the boot, get out their gun and shoot but didn’t have the time to reach for their belt and pull out their taser?
The alpha culture of the Police extends to a subservience of the media, demanding answers to people being killed is not a betrayal of society, it’s the obligation and responsibility of decent citizens.

Peter J Wheeler

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