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Auckland pressure group spends up large. and other disclosures.

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18 22nd April 2018

1. Once again our local paper has made a few thousand bucks via an Auckland based pressure group: C. Costello, Suite 311,184 Symonds St Auckland [not exactly a cheap location] but it’s OK because she is sponsored by Hobson’s Pledge and it is sponsored by multi-millionaire types like Peter Shirtcliffe and such like.

When big money is being used to stop something from occurring within our multi-cultural communities? We all need to look deeper at their propaganda material. When people like Don Brash and his ilk who we all know are anti-anything-Maori.

We need to ask ourselves if there are some other secret or covert reasons why these people are so anti-Maori. Why do they keep calling our ‘agreed’ political system ‘Race’ based? We’ve had it for a hundred years…all political parties support it. National, Labour, the Greens, even NZ First these days, none of these parties are seeking to abolish the Maori Seats in our Parliament. So why are they spending hundreds of thousands to block progressive political behaviour.

Modern thinking balanced New Zealanders have got over the ‘White’ is right dream of the Don Brash era. He failed to win an election and his party tossed him out, so he joined the ACT party and even they were glad to see him depart. They didn’t actually sack him because the country as a whole sacked ACT.
I suppose the good thing [if you can call it that] is that our local paper pulls in a few extra dollars from that Suite in Auckland. Here in Palmerston North real people are supporting Councillor’s who voted for Maori Wards, you see we’ve grown up, we learned from history. We’ve had Maori seats in Parliament for years and years…have Maori taken over Parliament, no they have not. Ask yourself why, the answer is obvious, because they [Maori] are not the majority. You are not giving Maori anything; we all only get one vote. So don’t be fooled by big money, bull-shit propaganda from outside our region. 
  2. Nurses and their aids really run our health services where ever they are found, Doctors are important because they help direct some activities that the Nurses undertake. One without the other means failure in both the short and long term. Today our local community and hospital nurses and their support people assembled to let the public know of just how badly run down our health and nursing services are.
Wage increases for CEO’s of the local DHB’s have risen at an rapid rate over the last nine years [Our local CEO receives over $450.000 per year] where as other factors like nurses salaries have been static, in fact some working in the health care area have actually seen a decline. We all now know just how bad maintenance and upkeep of our hospitals has been over the last decade.
Future NZ Nurse joins the supporters

This morning on a grey damp day hundreds gathered in the Square to demonstrate their concern over our run down health services. Just imagine if Hobson’s Pledge trust spent some of their massive funding in half page ads for the Nurses. But alas don’t hold your breath…

3. While Donald Trump edges the world closer and closer to a universal and never ending war. Those countries that belong to the US led Five Eyes intelligence structure, [Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand] seem simply to follow whatever path the US instructs us to follow they even tell us what to say and do as well as when to say it.
Key was a much smoother version of Trump.

Maybe you, like I, see Trump as an idiot. Of course the term idiot means many things to different people. Can you be an idiot and still manipulate the system so you pay as little tax as possible.

According to our very own morals expert John Key that’s OK.
I suppose you could call a person that does this an educated idiot. Likewise you could call a sexist who likes to grab ‘pussy’ a sexual idiot.

This sort of person is just loved by our media, for you don’t have to investigate Trump because he simply tweets and the media and particularly media such as ‘Fox’ news push his every utterance in an extremely idiotic and child-like manner.

Since John Key NZ has become very much a tool of US foreign and financial policy. Key saw clearly the gains to be made by the money wheeler dealers of sheep-like following of US and Corporation directives.

Of course he was one of those leaches who feed on the greed of others by organising deals that included huge bonuses for him. This was made clear to the NZ public when Key organised a donation of millions to the Clinton Foundation, which in turn was then used to assist Clinton during the last US Presidential election. Yet again Key backed the wrong horse and we lost millions.

This of course was par for the course; Key never gambled with his own money, he only gambled with others money. And when he lost big he would creep away and hide for a while. He did that just before he brought the leadership of the National Party after fleeing the US.

Our media has never fully investigated this miss-use of tax payer funds.

New Zealand has for the last decade become simply a very humble follower rather than a leader in the area of foreign policy. Just what we stand for now days are difficult to put into words. Our media publishes more about US politics; our newspapers are full Donald Trump’s meaningless tweets. His sacking of anyone he takes a disliking too, especially those who question his fitness [mental and moral] to be President, or his behaviour regarding his business connections to Russia and Israel.

Did John Key’s behaviour equal the behaviour of Donald Trump? Short answer yes! John was and is a much smoother operator that Trump, Trump deals in billions while Key has to make do with millions. Have a look at Key’s behaviour when compared with Nicky Hager, one is a habitual liar, you decide which one. 

 It seems to me that Key got out at the right time, National had run out of friends, run out of the manipulative skills of public miss-direction and acceptable and plausible lies.

Like all those who base their careers on ego he was never going to hang around to be defeated at the polls, so he did his usual and slid out with a Knighthood and a lifelong tax-payer funded pension, along with directorships in Air New Zealand. A position he used to get an all-expenses paid holiday for his golfing buddy Obama. So even after he pulled out of politics to avoid a defeat he still continues to manipulate his own social welfare.

Based on the above it would appear that idiots can become leaders or dictators, selfish men and women can rip off the public purse. Sadly though it would seem that the biggest idiots in the political world of NZ are us the voters, the recipients of the political spin and media supported propaganda that floods our communications, particularly TV and the Newspapers.
Peter J Wheeler

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