Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Conflict of interest hits headlines in Horowhenua again.

"We will and do consider matters carefully, where they fall within our mandate, as is the case for the questions raised over the pensioner housing sale and potential conflicts of interest,"

This from Scoop Media:
Auditor General considering potential Horowhenua District Council conflicts of interest
Tuesday, 8 May 2018, 11:42 am
Article: Veronica Harrod
“The Office of the Auditor General is considering matters raised by members of the public relating to the sale by Horowhenua District Council of its pensioner housing portfolio and "related potential conflicts of interest."
In a letter to former Councillor Anne Hunt, the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) stated, "We are still considering matters you, and others, raised in relation to the sale of pensioner housing, and related potential conflicts of interest. We expect to reach a view on these matters in the near future."
"We will and do consider matters carefully, where they fall within our mandate, as is the case for the questions raised over the pensioner housing sale and potential conflicts of interest," the OAG told Mrs Hunt.
An Audit NZ report for the Year ending 30 June 2017 publicly released by the council in February 2018 revealed the council lost $1.86 million on the sale of the pensioner housing and 1.1 hectares of bare land.
In February almost sixty people who attended a public meeting by the Horowhenua Ratepayers and Residents Assoc Inc. supported calls for an Inquiry into the business dealings of Horowhenua District Council and other matters.

Former Councillor Anne Hunt sent this email out to the many supporters who have assisted battle the dictatorial behaviour of the HDC CEO David Clapperton:

“David Clapperton claims he needs to intercept our e-mails because they are abusive. Read to the end of this…
What is this then; the e-mail he sent to a journalist threatening to bring ratepayer-funded Buddle Findlay on board?
RNZ phoned me yesterday, and I have sent them a copy of the letter that I recently received from the OAG and also my original complaint.
They will probably be bullied as well!

From: Anne Hunt [mailto:annehunt@inspire.net.nz]
Sent: Wednesday, 9 May 2018 7:30 AM
To: 'Tony Appleyard' <Tony.Appleyard@oag.govt.nz>
Subject: File reference EN/LCA/3-0015
Importance: High

I am forwarding this e-mail from David Clapperton on to you, because I am concerned that he will be putting pressure on the OAG to release a finding that clears HDC.
We are already dealing with the impact of the recently-released Maori Appellate Court judgement that Judge Doogan failed to disclose his conflict of interests with Matt Sword, spanning a number of cases over the past five years, including Mr Taueki’s attempt to stop HDC discharging stormwater into this privately-owned Lake.
And even though Judge Doogan appointed Matt Sword and the other lake trustees, and Matt Sword chairs this ‘trust’, the Ombudsman determined that HDC has the authority to disconnect Mr Taueki’s water following instructions by Matt Sword as chair of the ‘trust’.
Even though I notified HDC that Mr Taueki had been rushed to hospital by ambulance in a serious condition, Mr Clapperton refuses to reconnect Mr Taueki’s water supply. The days without water have now reached 553.
MDC CEO David Clapperton.

So we know how ruthless Mr Clapperton can be.

Therefore I am simply bringing Mr Clapperton’s threat to your attention.

RNZ phoned me yesterday as a result of the Scoop article, and I have sent them a copy of my complaint.
We understand that Mr Clapperton and Mr Bishop are jointly purchasing property, and if that is so, Mr Clapperton would have a vested interest in protecting Mr Bishop’s position.

Due to the e-mails I am receiving from HDC’s planning department, it seems like the Chair of the Hearings Committee is also planning not to reveal her conflict of interests with a submitter to a major plan change.
By the way, I am conversant with the Saxmere case, because I was present for both Supreme Court hearings.
Anne Hunt”

Have a read of this blog from 2013; it was read by over four and a half thousand viewers. It will no doubt show you what a vital battle has taken place to change the in-built dictatorial culture that exists at the HDC. http://wheelerscornernz.blogspot.co.nz/2013/08/anne-hunt-speaks-out-for-justice.html

At the last local elections the voters tossed out the Mayor but of course the CEO [Clapperton] was not elected so he remains…and the HDC problems continue unabated.

If you would like to learn a little more about Clapperton: go to: http://wheelerscornernz.blogspot.co.nz/2018/03/horowhenua-boss-seeks-new-contract.html

This behaviour simply proves what the people of the HDC have to put up with, its time the Minister of Local Government stepped in and brought back some democracy to the HDC.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise: Victor Hugo

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