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If Horowhenua had a Maori Ward just maybe Justice would be possible.

Phil Taueki continues struggle to clean up lake4.

This is a message from the latest episode in the destruction of Levin's Lake Horowhenua

Because I've been off line for a week this bit of startling info simply proves yet again that the law works differently for Maori...Here is a clear and precise example of might vs right. I've included in full the info about those involved in what can only be a cover-up of the highest order...Even Don and his pals must feel ashamed...

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Subject: Trespass notices..
Importance: High

As promised, I have sent Police Superintendent Haumaha a copy of the letter that Phil Taueki circulated to those of you present at yesterday’s meeting and informed him of the trespass notices.
He is also aware that duplicates together with the address for service will be delivered to the Levin police station as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, HDC’s deliberations commenced at 12 noon, and HDC did not debate their plans to apply for a resource consent to continue discharging Levin’s stormwater into the privately-owned Lake Horowhenua until 6pm. Mr Taueki and I are to be thanked for our submission. So much for consultation with iwi.
This contamination is justified because it is supported by the Accord partners including Horizons, and funded by the Minister for the Environment.
However, the decision to trespass Horizons from the Lake is based on the untenable position left to the owners who heard Shannon Johnston, your lawyer, ambush Linda Thornton with s18(10) of ROLD 1956.
Those of us conversant with Dr Paul Hamer’s research for the Waitangi Tribunal know that this provision was put in place to ensure that the Catchment Board did not adjust the water levels to appease the farmers upset whenever their swamp land flooded. We were gutted to see the law yet again turned against the owners to enable to do what they please on ancestral estate in defiance of the Crown’s Treaty obligations.
To see this clause hijacked to give Horizons carte blanche to do what they wanted, sickened all of us present.
Also we are aware that it was Vivienne Taueki and Charles Rudd who were forced to contact the authorities to prevent the destruction of a midden; not the person supposed to be doing this work who was not on site.

But of course, you are both the applicant and the regulatory authority so you can do what you please.
Even pour tonnes of concrete on the bed of a lake which is the site of the great Mua-Upoko massacre when Ngati Toa armed with muskets slaughtered innocent women and children!
This is desecration. This is dereliction of your duty to the Crown’s Treaty partners whose names are on your wall
So yes, there is anger and frustration at local government, as announced by Hon Kelvin Davis.
Judging from the anger and frustration of the owners emerging from court last week, that hostility is likely to ignite a call for people to come from all over New Zealand to support Phil Taueki. He can then authorise them to use reasonable force to remove any person who comes onto this privately-owned property to damage this culturally-sensitive site where so much blood was spilt that the waters ran red, and seagulls came inshore to peck on the carcases.
You have brought this on yourselves.

By the way, I failed to make it clear yesterday that your racist hydrologist had testified in court that he had not sworn at Phil Taueki when Phil had challenged the unwashed boats being launched on the lake in 2008. And then Steve Winter played the tape recording of his 111 call. “Black bastard” and fucking wanker” is what he said.
How do you think Phil felt when he was discharged from hospital to discover he was being accused of setting fire to the Horizons depot in Bruce Road?
Fortunately, we managed to get the Fire Incident report showing that Horizons was putting the lives of firefighters at risk, because not even the Fire Service knew there was 1080 on site – several hours later!
The sole reason I chose to present a submission to Horizons is to prove that you are no longer going to get away with your character assassination, and that even if you choose to give me the silent treatment, I don’t care.
As a former journalist, a former councillor and an author, I know how to get my message out there.

Due to Crown Law’s determination to retry Phil on a charge of trespass despite his acquittal, we have some exceptional advice on the law of trespass as it relates in particular to the Lake.
Due to David Brown’s arrogance when it comes to the right of Pakeha to infest the lake with infectious weeds, we have a Supreme Court judgement on Phil’s right to use reasonable force to remove people warned off.
Due to a police officer’s belief that he did not need to obtain a permit to arrange a regatta with motorised boating, we have a judgement from Justice Kos (now President of the Court of Appeal) that Phil is entitled to object “vociferously”.
Due to Phil’s arrest that was featured on Kaitiaki Wars, we have a legal opinion obtained by the Area Commander Pat Handcock that Phil is entitled to park his vehicle on his own land as a peaceful protest.
Need I go on?
Suffice it to say, we have video footage to confirm what Phil said and that trespass notices were served on those elected members attending yesterday’s meeting, the CE and Jon Roygard.
We knew you would play the beleaguered party, and therefore we took the precautions necessary to protect Phil from any more allegations by your security guards and your staff.
We will make sure that we have people in position strong enough to remove your security guards.
No longer will it be your security guards ordering owners off their own land, as it has been in the past.
I am sick of hearing Horizons claiming that they are worried about the safety of their staff.
It is about time that the elected members started doing what they are paid to do, and consult with those with the mana rather than the kupapa.
Once you start doing that, you might find that the lake is cleaned up on not time at all.

Anne Hunt

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Daily update 23 May 2018

Philip Taueki gave an impassioned submission to Horizons Regional Council's Long Term Plan hearing on Wednesday about the state of Lake ...
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