Saturday, 16 March 2019

All Saints plays its part in the healing process...Wheeler Corner Special 14 17th March 2019

At 2.30 pm the All Saints Church Hall was packed tight with people awaiting outside in the entrance ways : People had come from all walks of life to show their respect for the people who had died or been injured in the despicable events that had taken place in Christchurch on Friday.

The service and its message was one of love Vs Hate. 
Of togetherness Vs Separatism, 

It was not Catholic or Anglican or Muslim in was an outpouring of disgust and horror at the behaviour of those who brought about the events of last Friday.

Blame is easy after an event such as the cold blooded murder of fifty to sixty human beings in the name of a right wing bunch of fanatics spurned on by the supporting behaviour of semi dictators who have been elected [in a fashion] and their deranged supporters.

The mass murder will be without doubt praised by the KKK and their supporters who normally hide their faces behind masks and burning crosses. As they go about their business of lynching black Americans Jew hating and Arab hating, knowing that the local police for the most part won’t take any strong or real attempt to arrest them. 

After all their President suggests that there are GOOD guys amongst the KKK racist types.

Still this is not the time to state the obvious such as ‘When whites with power fail to get their own way, other people have to die”, if they just happen to be Muslims, hard luck. 

Well so says Donald Trump and his war mongering mates: Can you name these three trusty mates of Trumps, two have been found guilty of war crimes, one of which loves killing ARABS, and the third is a born again nutcase acting as the VPOTUS: And we are meant to believe that the US President feels sorry for the Muslims murdered in Christchurch of Friday. Totally unbelievable...

The truth is that the killings have done the opposite to what the killer wanted or wished...

for they has brought New Zealander's a closer togetherness and grown the compassion for their fellow citizens and human beings.

We won't forgive them for their stupidity, we will punish them via the legal system. But lets not invite any of the three pictured to NZ...a visit by them is the last thing we need...

Lets look at what our PM has said:

‘I can tell you one thing right now. Our gun laws will change’, right from the start Jacinda has shown what real leadership looks like.
From the moment this tragedy started, to right now, she has calmed a frightened and angry nation in a way few others could and she has shown an empathy that has led.
She has shown a grace and compassion that has helped us all weep. This is what true political leadership looks like.

In a lot of the angry debate swirling right now, please let us remember that this diseased human chose Christchurch BECAUSE NZ is a peaceful progressive multi-cultural society, this violence IS NOT a reflection of us, we were targeted because we are good.

That’s not to say there isn’t much Islamaphobia we need to stamp out, that blogs like Whaleoil with their constant Muslim Hate, David Moffett and the New Conservatives language of violence and a rise of the far right aren’t concerns, but we weren’t targeted because this is us, quite the opposite and we need to remember that as we move forward because while this atrocity must change us, it will not define us".

Palmerston Norths Festival of Cultures is now underway and these shots are from the Manawatu Standard:
and if you go to you can read a wonderful report on day one: The video is fantastic... Cheers had have a safe week...

Chelsea Clinton appeared at a ChCh service, where she was confronted by two young women who confronted her on the issue..
"Many have said it was unfair to connect Chelsea’s Clintons words to the massacre in Christchurch. To them, we say that anti-Muslim bigotry must be addressed wherever it exists. This is not about left and right.

This is about people who do and do not have power, and how those with power use it. A global environment of hatred and vilification against Muslims created this killer. Spurred on by professional bigots, anti-Muslim hate now permeates our culture and politics, and everyone, as a matter of urgency, should consider the role they play in enabling it.

That includes Chelsea Clinton.
The reality is that many people aren’t doing enough to fight anti-Muslim bigotry. We need people to understand that you cannot be racist against Palestinians, and vilify people who promote their cause, while also being in solidarity with Muslims.

You cannot contribute to the anti-Muslim, anti-Black, and misogynistic abuse of Rep. Omar while also being in solidarity with Muslims.

To Chelsea Clinton: We hope that our intentions in confronting you are now clear. We believe that you still owe an apology: not only to Rep. Omar, but also to Palestinians for using your platform to defame their cause.

As an Israeli national and a Palestinian, we want you to know that it is dangerous to label valid criticisms of Israel and its lobby as anti-semitic. We know that this is a tactic to silence us and deny us our free speech.

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