Tuesday, 12 March 2019

One last plea to all thinking people Wheelers Corner special.

This received from Peter Grove: In response to an email about the student strike planned for Friday 15th March.

It's all very well the kids going on strike for the climate. The big question is this. Just how much do the Hoi Polloi know about Climate change? For the majority of folk it is simply two words. How much practical information has been made available to us to enable us what action we need to take. We are wedded to our cars. Has there been any moves toward car less days? Has there been any governmental action in respect of the troglodytes in the big industrial areas, to force a reduction in the burning of coal for their industrial processes.
Has the coal-mining industry been closed down? These are just a few things I can see which convince me the majority are still convinced Climate Change is a scam. I am trying to make a difference. I have had solar water heating for a number of years now.
You will recall some years ago how the Tory government put in place a rewards system for industries with carbon credits for utilising resources that were carbon neutral. I wrote to that Dick-head, Nick  Smith, describing my efforts to reduce my carbon foot print ending up with a question about where were my rewards? Answer;The rewards were for industry only and didn't apply to households, and I should be satisfied with the savings I was making with my Solar powered systems. I have given the matter a great deal of thought, What the dick-heads have done with their carbon credits scheme has been to shut out millions of home owners, who had they been included could have made a move to energy reduction in their homes. For every LED lamp installed a credit of 5 or 10 cents  each month would be arranged by way of a reduction in their monthly power bills. The take up of such a scheme would be overwhelming as people scrambled to catch the gravy train. Those of us with photo electric generation, and like me with my solar water heating, would qualify for greater rewards. Even the introduction of insulation in the homes would qualify for further rewards. What their short-sightedness in offering rewards only to industry has done, is  to shut out millions of home owners who would have gone the extra distance to qualify for the rewards. I am of an age now where I can see little sense in changing my petrol driven car. We are assured there are perhaps twelve years left before Climate Change really manifests itself. I doubt very much that should I last that twelve years that I would have much interest in changing the present status-Que.
You may recall two or three years ago, 'Bridges to nowhere. making an impassioned plea to all of us to consider changing to electric cars. Not a word about calling tenders world-wide for the supply of half a million cars to be made available to the population at discounted prices to assist in the take-up of the vehicles.
There is an opening I believe for an enterprise to open up which offers conversions of existing vehicles to electric. I would think there would be an enthusiastic response

Peter Grove

I sent this response:
Hi Peter,
I agree with you...and last night I met with twenty plus youth who are planning a protest here in PN, strange as it might sound the comments they were sharing covered you remarks in your first paragraph...they for the most part think like you do....I actually understood that these youth knew more about climate change than did most so-called adults. 
The youth I met do not agree that Climate Change is a scam, hence their action...the one thing they do believe is that oldies live in a dream world these days...and for my part I’m very much in agreement with them...like you I agree we need to get off our arse and actually do some thing...these kids are doing just that...Cheers and stay warm...Peter 
Peter Grove replied:
Join US as we join with the youth in making a stand for climate:
Great work! The kids are not blind to what's going on. I hold grave doubts for my grand-children aged 22, 13 and 12. What their futures hold for them is anybodies guess. I see the teaching fraternity  climate change deniers are promising to treat the kids joining the strike as truants. Good enough for them to go on or threaten to strike. How can it be different for the kids? The kids will learn a whole lot more this coming Friday than they would with six months of school!

Palmerston North: 9 am by round about near PNCC building in Square at 9 am Friday 15th March 2019.

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Anonymous said...

This received by email:


I came across the following a day or three ago.

It is from the book Behold a Pale Horse written by Milton Cooper around
2000. he wrote about Extinction practised by various governments around
the world.

He considered the 20th Century to have been the bloodiest in history.

WWI was responsible for 8 million deaths. 20 years later came WWII
resulting in 52 million fatalities.

As if this wasn't enough the Economist Magazine in September11, 1999
reported that the governments of the Soviet Union, China and Japan
combined, killed 170 million in political purges. Add those to the
previous figures, and the level of inflicted deaths reaches staggering

Add to that was the unprecedented slaughter of life,between 1975 and
2000 when approximately 1.14 billion babies were killed by abortion. Add
to this the victims of earthquakes, famine AIDS, cancer, and many other
death dealing diseases. With just those causes listed above at least a
total ofat least 1 billion three hundred eighty million inflicted
deaths during the 20th century alone.

This was followed by conjecture that the start of the century the total
world population was 1.6 billion and those 1.38 billion deaths during
the 20th century
becomes all the more astounding.

It would be an interesting exercise to tot up the total numbers of
deaths to date
around the world in these first nineteen years of the 21st Century The
Yanks alone,
have been responsible for many many thousands of deaths to date and seem
to be actively thirsting for yet more!

So you see the Extinction Rebellion is well under way, as of now!