Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dotcom Vs the FBI [NZPolice] explodes...

Whatever will this do to the Part-time PM’s dream of ultra close NZ / USA relations ?

Is this fact or decide.

Kim Dotcom ambled away from the High Court where he had just heard that his , search and seizure were illegal, and therefor his arrest was unjustified....
Behind close doors a very senior police boss known as Bob was chatting to an FBI Agent called agent X. When they heard the news that the outcome from the court was that the raid on Kim Dotcom’s home was totally illegal the tension in the room exploded…eavesdropper picked up on the conversation at this point.

Agent X said “Shit…
Bob [The NZ Cop] replied, “Christ”…
Agent X muttered, “I thought you said we were in the clear?
Bob, “Did I say that”…
Agent X, “Yeah you did, what the hell am I’m going to tell my controller?
Bob, “That’s up to you I’m more concerned with what I’m going to tell the PM”.
Agent X, said, “PM? Who the hell is that?
Bob, “The Prime Minister of New Zealand
Agent X, You mean like the Governor?
Bob, “No, I mean like the President”.
Agent X, “You have direct contact to your President?
Bob, “Pretty much”
Agent X, The Judge, can you get to her?
Bob, “What do you mean?
Agent X, “You know have you got anything on the judge, when is she due for re-election?
Bob, “We don’t elect our Judges, we appoint them and they are incorruptible”.
Agent X, “Really man, that’s cool”.
Bob, “I reckon you ought to get out of the country or at least head back to your embassy”  
Agent X, “Why should I?
Bob, “I might have to arrest you”,
Agent X, “What the hell for Bob we are friends and you don’t arrest friends”.
Bob, “Sorry Agent X but one has to think of the future, I’ve got my career to think of”…

Unfortunately at this point my hearing aids ran out of battery power…. I’ll bring you more later…watch your back you never know who is watching you these days…

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