Sunday, 20 January 2013

Where next for Garth McVicar

Garth McVicar's Dream for NZ. 

Is Garth McVicar Mad or what?

Garth McVicar has moved the ‘Sensible Sentencing Trust’ in a new direction, a direction that has taken it straight into the camp of the homophobic world of the anti-gay block.

This rabid hater of selected criminals has now added those who believe that same sex marriage is ok to his ever growing list of who to hate.

But dear Garth is most selective or he has had a memory breakdown, a not unusual event for rightwing lobbyists. I wonder if his old mate and Act Party naughty boy and I might add lawyer David Garrett helped him with his submission. Is David still a paid up member of the ‘Sensible Sentencing Trust and Garth’s dear and trusty friend.

You may remember David Garrett, he was the list MP who stood on the stage in Palmerston North with Garth McVicar and preached the gospel, imported not from the bible but direct from the US in favour of ‘Three Strikes and you are out’ movement.

At that time David Garrett had a secret, David was a as yet undiscovered criminal, in fact he was a budding terrorist, for he stole the identity of a dead baby and proceeded to illegally obtain a passport. The question still remains for what purpose…

This is the sort of character that Garth McVicar attracts to his side, honest individuals who have secrets to hide and maybe secret ambitions of a covert nature.

Garth had this to say according to his submission on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill that is currently before a select committee, which will report to Parliament on February 28 and if passed could see gay marriage legal by May next year.  
That changing the law to allow same-sex marriage will be yet another erosion of basic morals and values in society which have led to an escalation of child abuse, domestic violence, and an ever-increasing prison population and:

"The marriage amendment bill will not benefit society at all and will ultimately have a detrimental effect on crime at all levels,"

"Furthermore, the bill represents a further decay and erosion of the traditional family that society has been founded on." He said while much good work has been done recently to reduce crime and ensure better treatment of victims, the bill had the ability to destroy that good work.

Crime will rise if gay couples are allowed to marry

This from the Sunday Times:

The committee has received over 20,000 submissions on the bill.
Green MP Kevin Hague, who sits on the select committee, said after reading the vast majority of submissions, McVicar's was the only one linking crime to gay marriage.
"Although it echoes a number of submissions that say marriage has been the same way for a long time and that if you tamper with it there will be lots of unforeseen circumstances," Hague said.
He said he had not read any evidence to suggest that allowing gay people to marry would create a dysfunctional society or increase crime. "I suspect that underlying this submission is a prejudice against gay people. If you break the argument down, it is manifestly nonsensical."

Criminologist Dr James Oleson, from Auckland University, an expert in deviance, said he was not familiar with any research that would suggest homosexuals would be responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime.
For McVicar's argument to be plausible, he said, it would have to be proved that allowing homosexuals to marry degraded morality, and that this produced more crime. "But I'm not sure that's true." The more common drivers of crime were economic issues, alcohol, drugs, education and employment and family dysfunction, Oleson said.

So after reading this blog, where next for Garth McVicar, rumour has it that his next goal is an attack on marriage, yes three marriages and your out! I’m told he plans such a law. According to his mind, one divorce equals a mistake, two equals a self induced accident, but three equals a unforgivable crime and those involved should be imprisoned for life because they are a threat to society. 

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