Thursday, 24 January 2013

Smiling Assassin strikes again

Gang Boss picks his A and B Teams. 

Money mover and gang boss John Key has named his A and B teams and there are no real surprises, his friends and both his present and future enemies remain close, where he can keep an eye on them.

Not for him the stab in the back on a dark night some time in the future for he remembers fully how he became leader of the National Party, so bringing back Nick Smith was vital. No doubt Bronwyn Puller’s close relationship with Nick Smith and their connection to King Maker and a past National Party President [Michele Boag] swayed John Key’s strange decision to back ACC’s biggest liability Smith.

But without doubt as his past record proves, he’ll jump ship before any coup occurs and head back to Wall Street where his real friends live, work and rip off the world. So Deputy PM Bill English may yet get another shot at leadership unless Judith Collins out bids him and Steven Joyce who also has eye on the top prize goes and works for Sky City.

John Key needed to put out a strong PR image to match his now infamous image of being the Hollywood styled ‘silent assassin’ that gained him bigger and bigger bonuses in his shady past life. I also think his fainting [Out of Body experience] episode in Christchurch after a long Hawaii holiday shook him up a bit and called for a show of what the main stream media called strength rather than cunning. Wasn’t it wonderful to see how our under funded public health system rushed to his assistance and had him treated by three specialists and he didn’t have to wait four to five hours in the waiting room. Tony Ryall will bask in this episode for years to come

The two ministers [Wilkinson, Heatley] he sneakily dumped or assassinated were no threat to him; Kate Wilkinson had been honourable and took the fall for the PM’s failed promises regarding the Pike River stuff up. So she was clearly a dangerous and heavy chain around the PM’s neck. Nick Smith waited silent till he was caught red handed and forced to resigned, but only after he was promised that he would be reinstated as soon as possible if he did. There was little honour in his behaviour. If Kate Wilkinson resigned her Christchurch seat and Labour regained that seat Key’s disgraceful behavior may backfire…only time will tell.

Once Labour launched its affordable housing policy it was quickly realised by Key that Phil Heatley would have to go and like Kate Wilkinson, Phil Heatley will go to the back benches and like twenty other back benches will be forced to ask a patsy question or two each month and keep their mouths shut and their brains in neutral.

He did not dump brain dead John Banks [ACT] who is possibly the most dishonest minister of recent times, nor did he give Hekia Parata the squeeze, she and her husband [Wira Gardiner] are just too involved in National Party internal politics. Key’s rich mate Steven Joyce well known as a Sky City insider has been given the task to baby sit and clean up part of the mess that has followed the strange act of making Hekia Parata a minister in the first place; he is going to solve all the NovoPay problems, most likely he will buy them off as he did Mediaworks, Sky City and teachers will likely get a pokie machine in every class room, to teach math of course.

So here is the smiling assassin, millionaire and part time PM has selected his wretched favourite A and B team, for the next year at least.   

The A Team:

1 John Key

Prime Minister
Minister of Tourism
Minister Responsible for Ministerial Services
Minister in Charge of the NZ Security Intelligence Service
Minister Responsible for the GCSB

2 Bill English
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Finance

3 Gerry Brownlee
Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery
Minister of Transport
Leader of the House
Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission

4 Steven Joyce
Minister for Economic Development
Minister of Science and Innovation
Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
Associate Minister of Finance

5 Judith Collins
Minister of Justice
Minister for ACC
Minister for Ethnic Affairs

6 Tony Ryall
Minister of Health
Minister for State-Owned Enterprises

7 Hekia Parata
Minister of Education
Minister of Pacific Island Affairs
8 Christopher Finlayson
Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage
Associate Minister of Maori Affairs

9 Paula Bennett
Minister for Social Development
Associate Minister of Housing

10 Jonathan Coleman
Minister of Defence
Minister of State Services
Associate Minister of Finance

11 Murray McCully
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister for Sport and Recreation

12 Anne Tolley
Minister of Police
Minister of Corrections
Deputy Leader of the House

13 Nick Smith
Minister of Conservation
Minister of Housing

14 Tim Groser
Minister of Trade
Minister for Climate Change Issues5
Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs

15 Amy Adams
Minister for the Environment
Minister for Communications and Information Technology
Associate Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

16 Nathan Guy
Minister for Primary Industries
Minister for Racing

17 Craig Foss
Minister of Commerce
Minister of Consumer Affairs
Minister of Broadcasting
Associate Minister for ACC

18 Chris Tremain
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Local Government
Associate Minister of Tourism

19 Simon Bridges
Minister of Energy and Resources
Minister of Labour
Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues

20 Nikki Kaye
Minister for Food Safety
Minister of Civil Defence
Minister of Youth Affairs
Associate Minister of Education
Associate Minister of Immigration

The B team:


21 Maurice Williamson
Minister for Building and Construction
Minister of Customs
Minister for Land Information
Minister of Statistics

22 Jo Goodhew
Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector
Minister for Senior Citizens
Minister of Women’s Affairs
Associate Minister of Health
Associate Minister for Primary Industries

23 Chester Borrows
Minister for Courts
Associate Minister of Justice
Associate Minister for Social Development

24 Michael Woodhouse
Minister of Immigration
Minister of Veterans’ Affairs
Associate Minister of Transport


Peter Dunne (UnitedFuture)
Minister of Revenue
Associate Minister of Conservation
Associate Minister of Health

John Banks (ACT)
Minister for Regulatory Reform
Minister for Small Business
Associate Minister of Commerce
Associate Minister of Education

Pita Sharples (Maori Party)
Minister of Maori Affairs
Associate Minister of Corrections
Associate Minister of Education

Tariana Turia (Maori Party)
Minister for Whanau Ora
Minister for Disability Issues
Associate Minister of Health
Associate Minister of Housing
Associate Minister for Social Development
Associate Minister for Tertiary
Education, Skills and Employment

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Robert Shariff said...

Peter having an image of the Prime Minister with a Tamoko is disrespectful to Maori, I would like to see it removed. I understand your stance with the government, but it sets a bad example for others to follow.