Monday, 14 January 2013

Hobbits Job's and free Money for Mates

Thanks for the 67 million Kiwis I love you John 

Hobbit Farce exposed.

So once again the National / Act / Maori Party and Peter Dunne have been found out spinning a web of half truths and damn right lies to justify handing over 67 million of tax payers money to overseas interests.

This coupled with the obvious half truths about asset sales proves yet again that Wall Street training, manipulation and self interest, is hardly a qualification for running our country.

Subsidising billionaire’s profits and Knighting short Hobbits is hardly in New Zealand best interest. It is made even worse by the fact that John Key did his usual spin in suggesting he saved thousands of jobs for NZ by changing the law to lower wage rates…when the only thing he did was to ensure that Warner Brothers made millions out of you the tax payers. The evidence was clear; the Hobbit production was never going to be moved elsewhere. The first film has already grossed one billion dollars and a large chunk of that has gone tax free straight into the pockets of Warner Brothers and Peter Jackson’s companies. Will they now pay back some of the gains to the real Hobbits biggest investors here in NZ, the NZ Tax payer.

Like hell they will for they have become used to paying little or no tax and being subsidised by the public, the Americans are famous for this behaviour, and John Key will always follow American practice, and we should expect nothing less, Wall Street taught him, the Bank of America gave him the nod. So the question is obvious, “Who is running NZ now days”.

The Hobbit movie here in Zealand should have free entry for all Kiwis because they have already paid 67 million to make the movie…or Peter Jackson should donate at least five million to reducing child poverty, to prove that he had NZ’s interests at heart when he assisted Warner Brothers con the Government into the huge subsidy it handed over to them and changing our laws to lower wages and salaries for those in the industry.

Below is a press release from Winston Peters which clearly shows how Key is willing to spend your money on his behalf, not your behalf, you just pay for no gain…  

Monday, 14 January 2013, 9:49 am
Press Release: New Zealand First Party 
Rt Hon Winston Peters
New Zealand First Leader
14 January 2013

Warner Brothers Hobbit Deal a $67 Million dollar Farce

‘New Zealand First’ has obtained documents from the Prime Minister’s office that show nobody has any idea how many jobs have been created by the $67 million state subsidy for Warner Brothers and The Hobbit movies.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says that now the first movie has grossed more than $1 billion, Warner Brothers should repay the $67 million subsidy the movie moguls sucked from Kiwi taxpayers.

“The Government claims that filming The Hobbit in New Zealand created an extra 3000 jobs and this was value for money to taxpayers but documents (attached) from John Key’s office show this figure was plucked out of thin air.

“Questions have to be answered about how many of these jobs existed prior to filming, how many of them will exist once the final film has premiered, and how many of these jobs actually went to New Zealanders.

“There is no doubt now that the deal with the movie industry was more about lining pockets than creating jobs.”

Mr Peters says that struggling Kiwis who are being laid off work every week are right to ask the Government when they can expect the flow on effects of the $67 million to reach them.

“Local industries would also be right to ask the Prime Minister how the film industry fat cats deserve millions of dollars in tax breaks because they are on a ‘worldwide playing field’, yet somehow that same logic does not apply to our manufacturing industry.

“Warner Brothers should now do the decent thing and pay back the subsidies so local industries that create long term jobs get a fair deal,” says Mr Peters.

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