Sunday, 26 May 2013

Power Disconnections Sky Rocket

Have you had your power cut off this year?

Have you had to borrow to pay your powerbill?

Have you got behind with your powerbill?

If you have your not alone, the numbers having their power disconnected has sky rocketed, this year reaching 41.000 and rising?

That’s ten thousand more than last year, if fact the disconnections have grown every year since 2009. Forty-one thousand equals every house in Palmerston North, just imagine every house with no power in the middle of winter, that a bloody lot of chilly people.

Has electricity become a rich person’s property? Or has it become something you have when you’re not having food. Do you give up your secondhand Japanese import so you can heat the house? Are you one of the many thousands who now pay for their power as they go by using coin meters, if you do you have the option of buying food or heating for the family, that's so long as you've got some spare cash..

Are you using your credit card, should you even have one, to pay your powerbill and therefore are paying even more for your power because of the up to 18% interest you pay on your credit card unpaid balance.

Do you have unheated rooms where your children sleep, are they damp, is your house insolated, if you rent can you get your landlord to insolate your rental property.

The present system stinks, power companies have been ratcheting up power charges at five times the rate of inflation for the last five years and paying those massive profits to the government so they can spend it on defence armaments or flying themselves to Hollywood etc.

Did you get the email or letter below from the PM? it appears to have been sent from his office and was signed by him.  

22 May 2013

The National-led Government's fifth Budget, which we released to New Zealand last week, has been extremely well received. That's because it delivers in the areas that matter, and it supports our families who need it most. When I spoke in Parliament on the Budget last week, it was great to have the chance to talk about our success in Government. I also took the opportunity to point out that the Opposition has adopted our mixed ownership policy as their own. Watch my latest video to see exactly what I said.

John Key
Prime Minister
If you have not got a computer, too bad, you won’t be able to view his PR video, but you might like to remember that your taxes and power bills are paying for his crap video, but hey what’s new…he just loves families that have computers. If you would like to send him a email telling him about your powerbill here is his address :

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