Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sky City Steven Joyce and a Paper Bag


Steven Joyce is lunching with the Sky City boss [CEO] in a secret sound proof room that has been scanned for bugs. At the same table is a shadowy figure dressed in black with a paper bag over his head, also in the room are members of the GCSB they are dressed as waiters with bow ties and dark, dark sun-shades, they all have military styled crew cuts. One of those Waiters is an Eavesdroppers informant who recorded the conversation and reported back so all could be revealed to you.

“Thanks for inviting me here today”, said SJ to CEO.

“Welcome Steve baby, but who is your paper bag friend”, asked CEO looking toward figure X.

“Look I’d hoped you wouldn’t ask that question, lets just pretend that he isn’t here, if that’s OK”, mutters SJ.

“OK, but do we need all these security stiffs here as well, they scare me a little, they look even more spooky than my bosses from New York and Chicago”, said CEO.

“Please don’t mention your bosses, we are not supposed to know about them”, said SJ.

The paper bag nodded agreement, and the GCSB crew looked the other way.

“Right here’s the deal Steve baby; we built the super new Convention Centre [covert word for casino] and you give us exclusive permission to operate without competition until 2037 and allow us to install 230 more pokie machines and 40 more gambling tables and we also agree not to give John Banks any more donations in brown paper bags and pay for a good lawyer if he ends up in jail”, said CEO all in one breathe.

Paper bag shook his head and leaned toward SJ. They whispered and we couldn’t pick up the actual words spoken…

“Well what do you think Steve baby”, pressed CEO.

“We, I mean me, agree completely with your demands, I mean plans, is there anything more we can do for you”, said SJ.

“There is one other thing you could do old buddy and that is, could you ease up even further on the rules regarding our ‘High Rollers’ scheme and get rid of the criminal checks for those coming in from foreign countries like the US, that would help my owners, I mean share holders.

Discussion between paper bag and SJ took place

“Done, said SJ adding, “But there is one further thing you could do for us”, said SJ

“What’s that, said CEO.

“Could you give a job to Aaron Gilmore”.

“No way, we have our standards, they may not be high, but we do have them, and besides that any one of our waiters would punch him in the face once they recognised him, and we don’t encourage violence”…

The meeting was over and SJ and CEO toasted the meetings successful conclusion…paper bag used a straw…

My informant says he never learnt the identity of Paper Bag, but he was shaped like the PM, walked like the PM, had highly polished shoes like the PM but he couldn’t guarantee the identity of Paper Bag, but he did notice small print on the bag reading ‘McDonalds Hawaii…

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